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Cuejdel Lake from Neamț County

Cuejdel Lake
Located in the central area of the county, it is the largest naturally dammed lake in the country – i.e. area – 12.2 hectares, length – 1 km, average width – 102 m, and average depth – 7.44 m. It was formed at the foot of Culmea Muncelu, following sizeable successive landslides that affected the left bank of the Cuejdel Valley, between 1978 and 1991. The causes behind these landslides were mainly natural such as the high gradient of the slopes and their lithology, heavy rainfall and the …

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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]
Fauna on lakes in Neamt

Neamt County exerts a permanent attraction by the beauty of natural landscapes, especially mountains where wild animals have their paths through forests colored by seasons and are reflected in chain of lakes built on the Bistrita or natural lake Cuiejdel. Lakes Izvorul Muntelui, Pângăraţi, Vaduri, Bâtca Doamnei, Reconstructia are housing fish species such as barbel (with fleshy lips), chub (with broad forehead), broad snout (“black guts”), livid barbell (with yellow mustaches), roach ( with small mouth), trout (indigenous, of lake and rainbow), the slender bleak, spindle-shaped pig, bream (with small …

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Lake Izvorul Muntelui – the sea between mountains

Yes, The Lake Izvorul Muntelui is the Sea between the mountains. Imagine a mirror of water with a length of about 35 km, an area of ​​about 32 square kilometers, deployed behind a dam high over 120 m. The dock built near the dam (Bicaz Port Naval Touristic Complex) is where the recreational races on the lake, starts. In the port exists a floating hotel, accommodation cottages and also a floating terrace to serve fish dishes and moldovan specific cuisine. If we came with friends and we want to take a ride on …