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[24 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]
Archdiocesan Cathedral Roman

Archdiocesan Cathedral Roman, built between the years 1542 – 1550 by the Ruler Petru Rares represents a historical and religious monument whose architecture is typical to sixteen century, being a continuation of constructive and decorative solutions of the architects and craftsmen of Stephen the Great.
The construction takes the model of the metropolitan church Saint George from Suceava (1514 – 1522), who used as a model the churches from Putna and Neamt Monasteries.
We learn from a document dated since the time of Alexander the Good, that on this place was built …

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[18 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]
The interior of church “St Nicolae” Roznov

The church “St Nicolae” Roznov, located in the middle of Roznov attracts tourists with its location and unique architecture. The past of this church is different from most churches simply because this is a burial place for a famous family of boyars: Roznovanu.
The interior of the church impresses through its paintings, the furniture and the sculpting. The painting was made between 1913 and 1915 by Costin Petrescu from the Belle Arte School from Bucharest. The painting is made in a Byzantine style with alternating blue and gold. The painter is …

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[16 Jan 2014 | No Comment | ]
“Bogoslov” Church from the graveyard of Neamt Monastery

“Bogoslov” Church from the graveyard of Neamt Monastery was built on the place of an old hermitage. This religious settlement was built in stone and brick between 1834 and 1835 during the abbots Dometian and Neonil. The church can be visited and is located outside the walls of Neamt Monastery. In front of the church there is a bell tower of small dimensions.
The church is built in a classic cross shape with a spacious interior with large windows to let the light in. the basement has 8 small windows and …

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[26 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
“Pogorarea Sfantului Duh” Church from “Palatul Cnejilor” Palace Ceahlau

On the area where there also is “Palatul Cnejilor” Palace there is also “Pogorarea Sfantului Duh” Church (The Descent of the Holy Spirit Church) that dates from 1639. The church was built on the expense of the brother of ruler Vasile Lupu, Gheorghe and was raised on the place where used to be the old Hangu Hermitage. The boyars of Cantacuzino family forced the monks to leave that place in order to build “Palatul Cnejilor” Palace.
The church was made of stone and bricks with a bell tower on the north …

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[26 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
“Duminica tuturor Sfintilor” Church from Miron Costin

In Miron Costin village there is “Duminica tuturor Sfintilor” Church (The Sunday of All Saints Church) that was built during the time of ruler Stefan cel Mare. The church dates back from 1520 and was built on a stone foundation with 1.5 m thick walls, a length of 28 m, a width of 9 m and a height of 20 m. Over time the church was restored with many occasions that altered the original shape.
Given this fact the building presents two architectural styles: one that dates from the time of …

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[26 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
Traditional architecture on wood churches from Neamt County

The church is the oldest and most beautiful community building from the Romanian traditional village. Around it, the main buildings were also built. These constructions are dated in history from the XIV century and represent old religious remains.
Many of these wooden churches still exist in Neamt County and represent our cultural and historic legacy. Along with their architectural value we also inherit a wealth of decoration motives made with traditional wood sculpting techniques, decorations that are placed both on the inside as well on the outside of the churches. The …