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[7 Dec 2017 | No Comment | ]
Cuejdel Lake from Neamț County

Cuejdel Lake
Located in the central area of the county, it is the largest naturally dammed lake in the country – i.e. area – 12.2 hectares, length – 1 km, average width – 102 m, and average depth – 7.44 m. It was formed at the foot of Culmea Muncelu, following sizeable successive landslides that affected the left bank of the Cuejdel Valley, between 1978 and 1991. The causes behind these landslides were mainly natural such as the high gradient of the slopes and their lithology, heavy rainfall and the …

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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]
Goşman Forest Reserve, Brateş fauna Reserve, Waterfalls and Keys Bolovăniş

Goşman Forest Reserve, Brateş fauna Reserve, Waterfalls and Keys Bolovăniş can be targets for hiking on weekends.
On the left side of the creek Goşmanu, where meets with creek Tarcău, uphill from the village Ardeluţa, the side of a mountain starting from the height of about 700 meters up to 1300 meters, with inclinations of up to 45 % is  Goşman Forest Reserve . It is an old forest, a veritable thicket of over 170 hectares, predominantly spruce, beech and fir, with specimens that are passing of one – two hundred years, some with a diameter …

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[4 Mar 2015 | No Comment | ]
Dragos Voda Bison Reserve, Neamt County

Bison Reserve and Carpathian Fauna Dragos Voda, was founded in 1968. The first three bison were brought here in 1970 from Poland. In 1974, they were born here a male and a female. Dragos Voda Bison Reserve, currently Zoo Dragos Voda, one of the four protected areas included in the Natural Park Vanatori Neamt, streches about 11,500 ha. Of the 28 bison existing at Vanatori Neamt, only 7, two males and five females were housed in tourist purpose by Zoo Dragos Voda. The remaining copies are in The Acclimatization Park which covers …

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[6 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Lake Cuejdel

At only a few kilometers from the highway between Piatra and Targu Neamt, after you pass the village of Garcina, then Cuejdiu to Cracăul Negru, by step, among the colors of the deciduous forest, you reach Lake Cuejdel of waves that can be seen coming out like spears, hundreds of stumps of dry trees, reminding of Red Lake. Not long ago, the forest that was in these parts, now has been covered by water. As one of the largest natural dam lake, not only in the country but also in …

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[10 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]
Bisons – Vânători Natural Park

Vânători Natural Park has renewed with six female bison that were donated by the Aspinall Foundation in England, and are part of the programme of the  reintroduction of bison in the Carpathians.
For a month, they were in the quarantine in a  acclimatization enclosure to the village Chitele Crăcăoani where are specific construction feature: feeders, feed stores, haystacks, observatories, pavilions, bridges and houses bison observation.
Monitoring the bisons after release will be achieved by GPS and will be evaluated on the loose behavior and assess the need for new releases in Chitele …

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[21 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]
Autumn walk on the route Piatra Neamt – “Trei Caldari” Rock

Autumn in the forest from Cozla Mountain offers an impressive and colorful show with yellow and rusty leaves that create a carpet just like nature would prepare for a big party. Every step is in the company of leaves and the magic of the forest. If you are visiting Piatra Neamt during this time of the year we recommend a walk through this forest until you reach “Trei Caldari” Rock.
The route Piatra Neamt – “Trei Caldari” Rock is easy to make and you also have few panoramic points over the …