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Monastic Village Văratec

Monastic village in Văratec is one of the largest villages of its kind in the country and that, not only for the age of the homes and hermitages, is part of our national patrimony. The village consists of 180 houses with flowers in courtyard and porches, breathing purity. Houses were grouped around churches as they were raised (the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 1817, the Church of the Transfiguration, 1847, the Church of the Assumption, 1882). In the village, says Reverend Mother Stavrofora Iosefina Giosanu are about 400 nuns who live …

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Grandparents House from Chintinici- Roznov

Grandparents House from the city Roznov, Neamt County, becomes from one year to another, to honor Father Iulian Vasile – the initiator and architect of the project, and to the pride of inhabitants of the town, a special landmark on the map, receiving scientific, ethnographic and educational importance. The young ones and not only they, found in this true House of tales, about a part of the history of the nation. All or nearly all from peasant household from now more than a century, is gathered in Grandparents House. Each object has …

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New Season at the Lido Piatra Neamt

From 1st o June 2015, the Day of the Child, Youth Lido opened! Fun train is waiting every weekend between 10 to 20 hours, in the station of Strand Tineretului and leave on the following route: Strand-Telegondola –Youth Theatre-Zoo-Store Petrodava-Strand. The ticket costs 5 and between 12-16 hours, children can get a free ride with the train.The pools full of water are waiting for us, sports fields and playgrounds for children are prepared. This season the entry fee at the strand has the single price of 1 leu! The tariff at the pools …

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Goşman Forest Reserve, Brateş fauna Reserve, Waterfalls and Keys Bolovăniş

Goşman Forest Reserve, Brateş fauna Reserve, Waterfalls and Keys Bolovăniş can be targets for hiking on weekends.
On the left side of the creek Goşmanu, where meets with creek Tarcău, uphill from the village Ardeluţa, the side of a mountain starting from the height of about 700 meters up to 1300 meters, with inclinations of up to 45 % is  Goşman Forest Reserve . It is an old forest, a veritable thicket of over 170 hectares, predominantly spruce, beech and fir, with specimens that are passing of one – two hundred years, some with a diameter …

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Petru Voda Monastery

Located in a beautiful glade in the mountains Stânişoarei, Petru Voda Monastery is one of the important centers of pilgrimage in the post-revolutionary Romania. It was founded in 1991, first as a hermitage by Father Iustin Pârvu, confessor and the first abbot of the famous monastic settlement, together with two monks disciples who accompanied him.
The church was built on a concrete foundation, and in 1992 were able to officiate religious services. Fame of the founder father went to the four horizons, thus that quickly, the congregation gathered around him. In 1993 the buildings …

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Catholic Churches in Neamt

Historical documents certify the existence of Catholics in Moldova as early as the thirteenth century, when Dominican monks Christianize the Cumans seated on these lands. In the centuries that followed, many Catholics have migrated to Moldova from Transylvania, so in 1884 is founded the Roman Catholic Diocese of Iasi.
In Neamt there is a large Roman Catholic community, especially in the eastern part of the county: the Roman Deanship has 18 parishes, and some churches have a history of over a century. Let`s visit at a time, the oldest of them.
The Roman Catholic …