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[11 May 2018 | No Comment | ]
Coming to Neamţ from Suceava

Coming to Neamţ from Suceava
The northern part of Neamţ County is full of touristic attractions that thousands of tourists, from all over the world, come to visit every year. The objectives impresses through their beauty and historical significance.
When you arrive in Tîrgu Neamţ, you must not miss visiting Neamţ Fortress, a medieval monument of exceptional value, aged more than 600 years old, initially built by Peter I Muşat, then expanded and consolidated by Stephen the Great. Here important pages of heroism were written, to mention just a few: the resistance …

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[12 Jan 2018 | No Comment | ]
The Neamţ Stronghold from Neamț County

The Neamţ Stronghold
A watchtower over the Neamţ River valley, built under Petru I Muşat, the voivode whose main interest was to resist the Ottoman invasions. During the first stage of the stronghold, a central fort was built protected by 12m-high and 2-3m-thickwalls. There was also a fountain in the centre of the premises. Later on, Ştefan cel Mare extended and consolidated the entire fortification by adding a new belt of walls and four semi-circular defence tours. He also commissioned the increase of the wall height, the defence moat, the arch …

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[11 Mar 2016 | No Comment | ]
The fortress that never bent down to nobody – Neamț Fortress

Address: Str. Arcasului nr.1, Targu Neamt, Neamt County
Built: in time of ruler Petru Musat (1374-1391)
Visiting program: Daily: 9-19
Short description
Among the most representative historical monuments from Romania we find the fortress of Neamtz, an objective situated in the city of Tg. Neamtz in the subcarpathian zone of Moldavia.
Issued from the local society`s necessities, the fortress of Neamtz was built in the period of consolidation of the Romanian medieval state on the east side of Carpathians. Along the centuries, the history of the fortress has been tidily combined with the history of …

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[15 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]
The Days Of The Neamt Stronghold

Neamţ Stronghold is one of the main medieval monuments in Romania, located closeness of the highest peak of Plesului Summit.In time, the fortress stood vigil on Moldova and Siret valleys but also on the gateway to Transylvania, becoming one of the major Fortress of Moldova, because of the many works of strengthening during the reign of Stephen the Great.
The building was declared a historical monument in 1866.For the conservation and preservation of the Neamt Stronghold in the best possible conditions, were conducted over different time restoration and consolidation. The latest …

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[18 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]
Collections of Neamt Stronghold

Neamt Stronghold is one of the most well known medieval monuments from Romania. The heroic actions that took place here centuries ago, written in archives by historians or writers in the last 150 years created the today image of this fortress.
Neamt Stronghold is mentioned in writings like “The Mother of Stefan cel Mare” by Dimitri Bolintineanu, the novel “Sobieski and the Romanians” by Costache Negruzzi, the poetry “Neamt Stronghold” by George Cosbuc or the pages written by Alexandru Vlahuta.
The collections of Neamt Stronghold, according with some archives from Dumitru Constantinescu, …

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[11 Oct 2010 | One Comment | ]
The Restored Rooms from Neamt Stronghold

After the restoration process, Neamt Stronghold has become a medieval museum and its rooms show moments of how the life in this place used to be. The stronghold is first mentioned during the ruler Petru Musat. In 1717 the entire medieval complex was destroyed by ruler Mihai Racovita on orders from the Turks. Today, in the 21 spaces of Neamt Stronghold that can be visited you’ll have the feeling that you’re traveling back in time and you’re witnessing moments of history.
The restoration process lasted for 2 years. The result is …