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strategie-turism-neamtThe Touristic Strategy for the Development of the Touristic Area Neamt County

Objectives and actions for the development of tourism in the Neamt County

In the last few years everyone who traveled through the Neamt County or spend some time here noticed the real improvements and the investments made here. That is why we can talk today about a place from Romania called Neamt that offers a natural scenery of a rare beauty and that presents itself as a new touristic destination that will make your time worthwhile.

Witness a glimpse from the past by visiting the monasteries. The Romanian people are well known to be a religious one. And we, here at Neamt, are proud to say that here there is a real center of our religious culture. Many ancient monasteries, some of them built around the year 1400, are present in the Neamt County, as a living proof of our existence in these places. Important religious objects can be found at these monasteries, so old that their origin is lost. At the Neamt Monastery you can feel the presence of God in front of an icon of Virgin Mary painted at 665, or at the Agapia Monastery you are experiencing the silence in front of the saints painted by one of the greatest Romanian painter: Nicolae Grigorescu. You can follow the footsteps of the monks, by recreating a road of faith, hope and rediscovering the beauty of life.

The local authorities are making great efforts in order to create an experience as pleasant as possible for any tourist. That is why we are increasing the collaboration between the hotels and pensions with the local authorities in order to develop a better strategy to promote the touristic potential of this area.

The Synagogue, a building that is in the International Heritage and rebuilt with international founds is already a destination point for many Jews that are visiting our cities.

The investments made in many places from the county are worth mentioned here:

–          the cable railway from Piatra Neamt that offers an incredible view of the entire city and also of the entire Bistrita Valley – especially at sunset

–          the public swimming pool and the equestrian base from Piatra Neamt that are some of the finest in the whole country

–          the rehabilitations roads to some of the most remote places: like the road to the Horaita Monastery

–          the routes from the Ceahlau mountain are bookmarked and safe for tourists

–          the Neamt Stronghold was rebuilt

–          centers that can inform the tourists on everything they want to know about the area

–          the possibility of practicing winter sports like skiing or sledging on the slopes in Piatra Neamt or Durau

We are working hard to create a touristic brand for the Neamt County and one of these actions is represented by the creation of this website and our presence on social networks like YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook. We try to make as many photos and as many videos as possible to convince you to come here, in Romania in The Neamt County.

For any questions or supplementary information feel free to contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or by any of our social media accounts.

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