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[23 Mar 2020 | No Comment | ]
50 wonderful pictures describe fairytale places (Part One)

Online trip in Neamț County

Online photo exhibition

Photo gallery:

Nine photography enthusiasts from several parts of the country had the privilege of discovering Neamț County, its legends and also its people.

The pictures presented here were all captured in December 2019, during the first two days of an exciting trip through the most beautiful areas in Neamț County.

Piatra Neamț, also known as the “Pearl of Moldavia”

Photo gallery:

Ceahlău, the holy mountain of the Romanians

Photo gallery:

*All photos were captured as part of “Discover Neamt Land!” Photography Event, which took place between December 18 to …

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[18 Feb 2020 | No Comment | ]
Taking a closer look at the folk art in Neamț

Revealing a complex and fascinating universe, the symbols of traditional art are an important starting point in deciphering the hidden meanings that the folk culture of ancestral society carried within. Symbols such as horse and rider, fir needles -sign of manhood and vitality-, the tree of life, vines, flower pots and more are very common in Neamţ area and often appear on highly appreciated pieces, along with other with geometrical patterns and vivid natural colors. What is more, these symbols are to be found in folk literature and plastic arts, …