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Leisure activities

Wherever you come from, Traveler, you are invited to visit this blessed land of Neamţ where you can have experiences you have never known before. You can rise to the heights of the Holy Mountain Ceahlău, or rule for a moment over the land stretching at your feet far to the horizon and recharge breathing in the force and magic contained by each and every rock. You can also listen to the murmur of the rapid streams carrying the legends of River Bistriţa through mountains and hills, down to the plains. Furthermore, you can knock on the gates of Neamţ Fortress for the descendants of Stephen the Great border guards to welcome you or you can choose to find out the secrets of history carved in the memory of the earth, of documents, and of the locals. In addition, you can rest your soul at the monasteries and churches immersed in the aura of faith and the ringing of bells and you can sit around the table with us and treat yourself with Moldavian dishes we have prepared for you, or drink a carafe of wine and spin stories by the fireside.

Whatever the number of places you have been to and people you have met, if you stay for a while in Neamţ, you will certainly feel it was worth the effort.


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