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[19 Jun 2024 | No Comment | ]
Neamț Fortress Days – Pax inter Urbes, June 29-30, 2024

A new edition of the “Neamț Fortress Days – Pax inter Urbes” Festival is coming up!
On June 29 and 30, 2024, locals and tourists are invited to the fortress’ base in Târgu-Neamț for another hot edition featuring cannon salutes, the sound of trumpets and drums, knight camps, weapon and armor exhibitions, delicious traditional dishes, fire shows, and impressive historical reenactments recalling significant battles documented in history and literature.
Like the previous edition, the stadium at the fortress’ base will buzz with activities from the knight camps, workshops for young archers, and …

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[14 Jun 2024 | No Comment | ]
Kayak Fest, 2024

Preparations are in full swing for lovers of water sports, fresh mountain air, and enchanting views.
The seventh edition of the Bicaz Kayak Fest will take place this year on June 22 and 23.
What will this year’s edition be like?
Here are just a few images that can inspire your adventure and bring you to Neamț:

The Marathon and Half-marathon competitions are scheduled on Saturday, June 22, 2024, at 10 AM:

The Marathon competition will cover a distance of 40 kilometers, starting from Bicaz port, turning around at Ceahlău village (upstream end of the …

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[10 Jun 2024 | No Comment | ]
Two Fairytale Events in Neamț, in One Day

“The Celebration of the Traditional Blouse in Borlești” and “People on Hogaș” in Piatra-Neamț will take place on Saturday, June 22. If you plan your time well, you can attend both events, each offering unique moments, handmade unique items, and especially visionary people who give wings to dreams and transform them into reality.
In the commune of Borlești, you are invited to the celebration of the traditional blouse, where you can admire shirts crafted within the local sewing sitting, a commendable initiative for preserving and transmitting traditions. With over 10 years …

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[21 May 2024 | No Comment | ]
Promoting Neamț among young people

As the host of two national Olympiads, the Visual Arts, Architecture, and Art History Olympiad, and the Religion – Orthodox Cult Olympiad for grades IX-XII, Neamț County was visited and discovered this month and in April by over 850 students, teachers, and members of the national evaluation committees. The meritorious young people from all over the country, aspiring to the title of Olympians, enjoyed two excursions to cultural, spiritual, and historical landmarks on the Piatra-Neamț – Bistrița – Pângărați – Bicaz – Bicaz Dam route and the Piatra-Neamț – Agapia …

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[8 May 2024 | No Comment | ]
Neamț nominated for Destination of the Year five times in four categories

We have good news for all those who love Neamț County, with all its beauties, as it is among the finalists in the Destination of the Year 2024 competition, being nominated five times in four categories:
Historic and picturesque Neamț in the Lands with Tradition and History category: https://destinatiaanului.ro/destinatii/previzualizare/NeamtulIstoric/
Bison Land, Neamț in the Eco-Tourism Regions category: https://destinatiaanului.ro/destinatii/previzualizare/tinutulzimbruluineamt/
Piatra-Neamț in the Inspiring Cities category: https://destinatiaanului.ro/destinatii/previzualizare/PiatraNeamt/
Dimineți in Cerdac House, Neamț County, in the Epic Boutique Accommodations category: https://destinatiaanului.ro/destinatii/previzualizare/CasaDiminetiinCerdac/
Valley of the Twelve, Neamț County, in the Epic Boutique Accommodations category: https://destinatiaanului.ro/destinatii/previzualizare/ValeacelorXII/
Find all the competition finalists …

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[25 Mar 2024 | No Comment | ]
Explore Neamţ County, one bite at a time! 20 traditional culinary recipes and other stories from Neamț County

One can speak and write extensively about the gastronomic traditions of Neamț County, as the culinary diversity in the area is fabulous, with a long history and endless stories.

The project titled “Tradition and Gastronomy in Neamț” managed to bring together 20 traditional recipes from the county’s housewives in a brochure called “Gastronomic Stories from Neamț”. At the same time, the project encouraged local culinary initiatives through various workshops, brought together under the unitary concept “Local Gastronomic Point (LGP) – Country Life Business”.
Photo gallery (pictures taken during the implementation of the …