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Camino de Romania – Neamț County



Pilgrim routes in Neamț

“Camino de Romania” now crosses through Neamţ County



A network of pilgrim routes that have traversed Europe since the Dark Ages, known as “Camino de Santiago”, has recently included Romania and now crosses through Neamţ County as well, serving as a bridge between the Orthodox and Catholic churches, tourist attractions, and theme parks along the pilgrimage walks.

“Camino de Romania” begins in Iași County, passes through Neamț and Bacău counties, then crosses the Carpathians into Transylvania, through Covasna County.

The route is part of “Camino de Santiago” or “St. James Way”, which attracts pilgrims from all over Europe. Annually, approximately 350,000 pilgrims from 160 countries choose to travel the “Camino de Santiago” network of routes that spread across the entire continent. On October 23, 1987, the Council of Europe declared the Camino de Santiago as the first European Cultural Itinerary.

“Camino de România – Neamț County” pilgrimage route includes the Roman area, starting from the north, in Gherăești Commune, and descending south to Izvoare, Bahna Commune. The connection to Iași County is made through Iugani, and to Bacău County, through Racova.

Whether motivated by a desire to find God or simply as a personal challenge born out of curiosity to explore the world, or maybe a special interest in discovering the heritage, culture, or leisure facilities on the route, each pilgrim is on the verge of having an unforgettable experience.

So, we invite you to take the road less traveled and to become pilgrims, even for a few days, to visit holy places full of spiritual, cultural and historical meaning, to enjoy en-route adventures and stunning landscapes along the way!


To You
To you, who walk with your soul filled by passing fancies and ideals;
To you, whom the world fascinates and draws;
To you, who feel the law of the flesh in your members;
To you, who feel discontent with this world, and who aspire to better things;
To you, a pilgrim, who does not have a lasting home on earth;
We dedicate these pages.

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