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[30 Jun 2023 | No Comment | ]
Parents and children, on vacation in Neamț! A recommendation signed by Twinkl.ro


Recently, just before the 22nd edition of the Medieval Festival “Days of  Neamț Fortress”, an article appeared on the Twinkl.ro platform, which included Neamț Fortress, Bison Land and Agapia Nunnery and Văratec Monasteries among the Top 15 destinations in the country for families, young people, and childrens.
Guarding over the valleys of River Moldova and River Siret, as well as over the access road to Transylvania, Neamț Fortress has gone through numerous sieges that have taken place throughout time, and represents the grand testimony of a turbulent history of the medieval …

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[9 Jun 2023 | No Comment | ]
Discover, in Piatra Neamț, the most important Eneolitic art collection from the South-East of Europe

The Cucuteni Eneolithic Art Museum
Photo Gallery:
Nationally one of the kind, both history and art museum, it currently hosts the most spectacular artefacts, famous objects that belong to the Cucuteni–Trypillia Culture, which is in fact the most important and extraordinary European prehistoric civilization.
There are 3D objects and photo documentary materials that can be found by the tourists, which show the evolution and development phases of these civilizations in all the areas.
 Cucuteni–Trypillia Culture, the most studied European prehistoric civilization
Photo Gallery:
If you had to choose between the two main artistic exhibits of …

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[3 Mar 2023 | No Comment | ]
Celebrating the greatest Romanian storyteller of all time: “Ion Creangă” Festival in Târgu-Neamț

At the beginning of March, the community in Neamţ is proud to evoke the personality of Ion Creangă, the most beloved Romanian storyteller, at 186 years after his birth.
2nd edition: 1-3 March, 2023
Photo gallery:
“Ion Creangă” Festival will take place between March 1-3 at “Ion Creangă” House of Culture in Târgu-Neamț and includes interesting and diverse activities that praise the literary significance of Creangă’s writings. Ion Creangă is the most beloved Romanian storyteller of all times, who enriched our national culture by evoking his wonderful childhood, admirably preserving the emotion of …

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[10 Feb 2023 | No Comment | ]
Neamț Fortress, 628 years since the first documentary attestation

Standing as a testimony of the turbulent history of the Moldavian state in Middle Ages, Neamț Fortress was first documented in 1395.
Built during the reign of Petru Musat (1374-1391), when a central fort was erected, on which massive walls were raised with defensive cannons at the corners  the fortress reached its full glory during the reign of Stephen the Great (1457-1504), due to numerous works of extension and consolidation. In the second stage of extending the building, the outer courtyard was arranged, more walls and some bastions, a defense trench …

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[20 Jan 2023 | No Comment | ]
“Grandparents’ House” – out of love for folk art

Recently opened, located in Girov commune, the museum highlights local traditions and values. Visitors have at their disposal an old radio sets exhibition, and an ethnography and folk art exhibition. Among the exhibited objects, the traditional hand-woven woolen carpets are quite special.
Out of love for folk art, the project was carried out by Mr. Constantin-Bucur Olariu from Girov, in in cooperation with “Ionel Teodoreanu” Municipal Library and Girov City Hall. at the event’s official opening, the participants enjoyed an ethno-folkloric session and a specially made artistic program.

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[17 Jan 2023 | No Comment | ]
Bicaz and Vânători-Neamț were declared tourist resorts of local interest

Bicaz town and the tourist area of Vânători-Neamț commune are among the newly declared tourist resorts of local interest, certified by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism in December 2022.
Bicaz town is located in the Western part of Neamț County, at the foothill of Ceahlău Massif, on the banks of River Bistrița, only few kilometers away from the famous Bicaz dam, that holds back the waters of Lake Izvorul Muntelui, the largest reservoir on inland rivers in Romania. From natural attractions, amazing landscapes, and areas of leisure interest, Bicaz is …