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[19 Dec 2019 | No Comment | ]
An enchanting place annually attracting thousands of tourists fond of discovering beautiful places and creating unforgettable memories

Discover Neamt Land! An enchanting place annually attracting thousands of tourists fond of discovering beautiful places and creating unforgettable memories

Each visit to the
legendary Neamt Land, regardless of the reason of travelling, leaves a strong
imprint on tourists, convincing them that Neamt County is a unique destination,
a space full of magic and prone to metamorphosis, opening up unlimited
possibilities for experimentation.

Full of history,
overwhelming through its culture, Neamţ County abounds in places shrouded in
mystery, where the awaken traveler sees and hears ever changing affective tones….
places where you have, more than anywhere else, the feeling …

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[23 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
“Eminescu and his time” – 143 years since the poet birth – evocation at the Library GT Kirileanu Piatra Neamt

Hall “Victor Brauner” of GT Kirileanu Library in Piatra Neamt, was overcrowded Friday, January 13th , 2015, at the event “Eminescu and his time – 143 years since the birth of the poet”.
From 17.15 hours in the presence of a large and informed audience, gathered with an hour earlier, which included among many writers from Neamt or other parts of the country, talked about Eminescu`s less known poetry, the beauty of Romanian language, about poet’s life and work.
It was an evening dedicated to poetry of Eminescu, an unforgettable evening of …

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[23 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Bistrita Valley

On Bistrita Valley tourism is made all year and is an area increasingly sought after by tourists.
The charm and energy of this valley made the feather of several writers to lay beautiful words that we find from Dimitrie Cantemir in Moldavia Description, at Alecu Russo in Singing Romania or Alexander Vlahuţă in Romania picturesque. Among many others, Sadoveanu, charmed by the character of people, customs and their way of life, places the action of the novel Hatchet right on the course of this valley. Crossing the county, Bistrita`s water witnessed many historical …

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[19 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Ciprian Istrate

He was born on Petricani, Neamt County on 16th of July, 1970. He graduated from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Dumitru Stăniloae” within “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Department of Sacred Art – Religious Painting. He dedicates himself, in 1990, to the painting of icons and wall painting (fresco) a few years later, a road that walked and walks with faith in what he does and in God. Ciprian Istrate had as mentors Michelangelo and Morosanu brothers from Suceava which recognizes their merit in its formation. Since 1996 participates in national …

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[20 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
Nemțean-traditional folk costume ornament and color

Over time, Neamt traditional folk costume, through shape, color and ornament was one of the most important modes of expression of popular culture in this region.
Traditional Garments fits into the general characteristics of Moldovan folk, but adds various and original elements specific to Neamt county. The folk costume differentiate by destination – work or feast – or after the area who came: mountaineers wore clothing in sober colors and less ornamented, instead the people from the plain have an explosion of colors.
For the execution of an outfit given, an exclusively female activity, the materials …

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[22 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]
Winter has come in Piatra Neamt

With just a few days before Christmas Piatra Neamt was transformed in a fairytale land by the fallen snow. Snowflakes were coming down to earth and in just a few hours formed a thick white carpet that covered the streets, sidewalks and trees. Of course that this was the delight of children that started a snow fight everywhere they could.
The shinny snow covered the tree branches with star garlands and everything seems to be covered in fluffy sugar figurines. Everything stands still while the snow keeps falling down. The last …