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[18 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Almas Monastery

Almas monastery is built on the site of an ancient monastic settlement dating from the fifteenth century, in a clearing, on the Almas valley, described in writings of Calistrat Hogaş. It is situated at a distance of about 12 km from Piatra Neamt, on Targu Neamt direction.
The founders of the monastic establishment are Vasile and Maria Almas, shepherds in Haţeg. In the year 1659, being helped by yeomen, Vasile Almas built a wooden chapel, dedicated to St. Nicholas, in which were installed large icons and iconostasis from the church of the village …

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[29 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
Neamt Monastery Museum

This museum is a point of particular interest to visitors of the sanctuary, providing important evidence about religious activity, of those living the monastery, as well as the historical evolution of the Moldavian lands in the regional context. The chantries that various rulers had endowed the monastery, made possible to develop a strong cultural and spiritual center in the medieval period, right up to modern times. Here has worked a school of copyists and calligraphers and a printing that have provided outstanding works to the monastery library, which now contains over 18,000 volumes, and …

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[20 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
Agapia Monastery – the monastery of nuns – occupations outside religious service: carpets and pottery workshop

In Agapia Monastery, one of the largest monasteries of nuns in Romania, are living 400 nuns. The monastery was built between the years 1641-1643 hatman (Boyar of royal counsil in Moldova, which was commissioned by King with the command of all the army , while having the position of chief magistrate and porter of Suceava) Gavriil Goci, brother of Prince Vasile Lupu. Since then, until 1802, Agapia Monastery had community of monks. In 1803, wanting to establish a seminary priests at Socola Monastery in Iassy, Metropolitan Veniamin Costache has ordered the some 50 nuns from …

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[17 Oct 2014 | No Comment | ]
Horaița Monastery

Horaiţa Monastery can be reached by car walking on National Road 15 C, Piatra Neamt – Targu Neamt. At Dobreni, turn on an asphalt road, pre-signaled, and go through another 15 km on county road 156A, through Negreşti and Poiana. From Poiana, the road runs through a beautiful mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous
Also, you can reach the monastery from Crăcăoani, where there are only six kilometers on unpaved country road. Whatever path you choose, you’ll pass through a gate to the monastery and you come forward, or to step …

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[29 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]
Sihastria Monastery – Dedication Day September 8

Hermitage Monastery is situated in the northern part of the Neamtcounty, 22 km away from Targu Neamt town.Starting from here, we leave on the right the way to Neamt Monastery, we run through about 15 km, then  leave the main road, go over Ozana and penetrate the secu creek valley. On the way we first encounter Secu Monastery.The Valley becomes more narrow and lonely, and after 3 km of road, in all its splendor we discover Sihastria Monastery as an island of peace.
Orthodox monastery of monks, dedicated to the Virgin …

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[21 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]

Establishment of long tradition in the valley of Bistrita, (1461) Monastery is located on the right side of the national road 15 Piatra Neamt – Bicaz, about 15 km from Piatra Neamt, near hydroelectric Dimitrie Leonida from Stejaru (it goes on paved road to the monastery).
Although the appearance of the city which he had at first been largely lost, they look impressive as he is often called by the inhabitants of the surrounding “castle.” This very interesting building has unique architecture between monasteries in Romania. It can see wonderful merged …