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The Healing Spring from Horaita Monastery

Horaita Monastery, from Neamt County was built in the first half of the XIX century and it’s a unique building because of the architectural elements influenced by the Roman and Byzantine style as well as Russian elements present in the number and configuration of the towers.
The monastery is located at the foot of Horaiciorul Mountain, near the east side of Stanisoara Mountain. The religious settlement is beautifully painted in a neo-Byzantine style, on a reddish background. The iconostasis was made in Wien and sculpted in the baroque style.
The most important …

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Horaicioara Hermitage – Neamt County

Horaicioara hermitage is located in the crack of a cliff at an altitude of 900 m at 1 km away from Horaita Monastery. Here you can arrive either by walking on foot from the Monastery Horaita or by car. From DN 15C (Piatra Neamt – Targu Neamt) in Dobreni commune  you turn left and you go another 15 km on the road 156A through the villages Negresti and Poiana. After you reach the Monastery Horaita there is a side road that goes to the hermitage.
Address: commune Cracaoani, Neamt County
Tel: +(40) …

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Horaita Monastery – Neamt County

Location: Horaita Monastery is located at an altitude of 600 m, not far from  Horaiciorul mountain, near the east side of Stanisoarei mountain from the Oriental Carpathians. Horaita Monastery can be reached either by car or by walking. To reach the monastery you can go on DN15C (the road that connects the towns Piatra Neamt and Targu Neamt) and make a turn in Dobreni village from where you have to go another 15 km on the road 156A through the villages Negresti and Poiana.
Address: Poiana village, Cracaoani …