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Discover Neamţ Land by bicycle!

15 October 2020 No Comment

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Amateurs or professionals, nature enthusiasts and adrenaline lovers, you now have your chance to explore the beauties of Neamț County by riding the bike on routes with spectacular views!

Bike Trip Experience introduces a new concept and facilitates cycling and outdoor physical activities, taking you straight into the wildness of nature, leading you through some of the most spectacular routes. Experienced guides stand close by all the way long. Individual protection equipment is also provided.


Signing up for Bike Trip offers you in detail, predefined or custom cycling routes for all kind of tourist groups. For companies, the routes are 100% adapted to the characteristics and priorities of each group, with varied degrees of difficulty, including the locations and the duration (number of days), as well as the entire programme, created according to individual preferences.


Photo gallery:

Each route brings along a unique experience, revealing impressive landscapes, tasty traditional gastronomy, and at the same time represents an invitation to come back for more. The organizers guarantee the safe running of all bike routes.
For more details about Bike Trip please visit www.biketrip.ro, call +40 723 143 858 or sent an e-mail at: [email protected]

More routes, more picturesque places, more adventures and high adrenaline!

Below you can find some of the main bike routes recommended by Bike Trip, routes that will take you through the most beautiful natural settings on the territory of Neamț County:

  1. The route of the monasteries

It is a mountain bike trail, mainly inside the perimeter of Vânători-Neamț Natural Park, including three nature reserves of national interest: the Silver Forest, the Copper Forest and “Dragoș Vodă” Bison and Carpathian Wildlife Reserve, as well as some famous monasteries: Varatic Monastery, Agapia Nunnery and Sihla Monastery with St. Theodora’s Cave.
Lunch will be served at Sihla Monastery with dishes prepared by the monks, following original, delicious local recipes. The route goes mostly on forest roads, but also traverses some hills tops.
Length: 35 km
Level difference: ~ 1400 m
Difficulty: medium
Route type: macadam 13%, gravel road 64%, dirt road 23%


  1. Italians’ Cross (Crucea Talienilor) – Sabasa


Italians’ Cross (Crucea Talienilor): https://youtu.be/3EINIwSswCE

From Borca Commune the route climbs high to Italians’ Cross (Crucea Talienilor). After following a splendid coastal road through silver fir forest, participants descend to an authentic sheepfold in Sabasa, where specific dishes made by the shepherds are served.

Length: 46 km

Level difference: 900m

Difficulty: medium
Route type: macadam 5%; forest road: 70%;

Total length of the road winding through the forest: 25%

Duration: 6.5 hours


  1. Route through Bârnadu mountain village


A bike route of rare beauty! From an altitude of about 1000m, the trail that goes through the village between the mountains delights visitors with amazing landscapes.

Length: 30 km

Level difference: 900m

Difficulty: medium
Route type: forest road: 80%;

Total length of the road winding through the forest: 20%

Duration: 6 hours


  1. Dămuc village – Three Fountains (Trei Fântăni) village

Dămuc: https://youtu.be/DmLPFTdgbTY

Huisurez: https://youtu.be/8x5YyOAoR5Q

The route goes through two fairytale like mountain villages, bordered by Hăşmaş Mountain peaks, with wonderful scenery over Hășmașu Negru and the Lonely Rock (Piatra Singuratică). It also passes by Lucie Rock (Piatra Lucie), an area well known by the locals.

Length: 45 km

Level difference: 1300m

Difficulty: high

Route type: forest road: 90%;

Total length of the road winding through the forest: 10%

Duration: 6 hours


  1. Route in Piatra Neamț – climb Cozla:

Departing from the Tower of Stephen the Great, the route first takes you to the Outlaws’ Hut (Colibele haiducilor), continues climbing to Gospodine, and then towards the plateau of Cozla Hill, where the arriving station of the gondola lift is to be found. The route passes through the sky slope for beginners, following the blue-band marking, and leads to Three Cauldrons (Trei Căldări). The descent takes you to Oprișeni village and then it leaves the forest behind. At the end of the route, participants return to the Outlaws’ Hut (Colibele haiducilor).

Length: 13 km

Level difference: 700m

Difficulty: medium

Route type: macadam 5%; forest road: 35%;

Total length of the road winding through the forest: 60%

Duration: 2 hours


  1. Trip to Lake Cuejdel:

The route departs from the Tower of Stephen the Great, towards Valea Viei, Gârcina and Cuejdiu communes and then enters a forest road. Once the deforested area is reached, you turn left and begin the ascent to the left side of Lake Cuejdel. After a detour of the lake, the return takes you back on forest paths, until the main county road in Gârcina commune.

Length: 45 km

Level difference: 1200m

Difficulty: medium

Route type: macadam 5%; forest road: 75%;

Total length of the road winding through the forest: 20%

Duration: 5.5 hours


  1. “Petrodava” Dacian Fortress and Agârcia village:

The route departs from the Tower of Stephen the Great, towards the bridge nearby Căprioara Restaurant, and then towards the municipal lido. From there, the route continues towards Bâtca Doamnei, including a climb to “Petrodava” Dacian Fortress. From the top of the Lady’s Hill (Dealul Bâtca Doamnei), the trails descents towards Agârcia village and then towards Sarata village, on Humăriei Street. After a loop through the forest, you reach Gârcina village, pass through Valea Viei and come back to the start.

Length: 25 km

Level difference: 1000m

Difficulty: medium

Route type: macadam 33%; forest road: 50%;

Total length of the road winding through the forest: 17%

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cycling routes in Neamţ County are also available in Pipirig, Târgu Neamț, Ceahlău, Durău, Hangu, Potoci, Izvorul Alb, Budacu Peak area and many others.

Photo / video credit: Bike Trip

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