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[13 May 2021 | No Comment | ]
A new opportunity for Neamț County to be promoted beyond the country’s borders

The Route of EDEN destinations in Romania was acknowledged by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism as a certified national cultural-tourist route.
Neamț County included in the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) Route in Romania
Photo Gallery:
Neamț County: the 4th position in the category “Local intangible tourism and patrimony”
Among the European Destinations of Excellence, Neamț County is recognized for the numerous monasteries, which are important due to their special architecture and connection with some of the most significant moments in the area’s history and also for the museums and memorial …

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[26 Apr 2021 | No Comment | ]
Neamț Land – high in the top of European Destinations of Excellence on Social Media

Significant increase of Neamț County’s international visibility! Neamţ County is enjoying the best progressions among other EDEN destinations in Romania
An analysis based on statistical data conducted in the month of February 2021 showed that, during the pandemic year of 2020, Neamț County ranked three places higher in Top 15 favorite counties in Romania, regarding tourist arrivals, compared to the results of the previous year. Another statistical research, this time an international one, places our county amongst the best spots of the EDEN destinations, as far as the impact and visibility …

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[20 Apr 2021 | No Comment | ]
Neamţ villages – cradles of beauty, artistic creativity and perennial values

Where eternity was born…
Organized in harmony and equilibrium, down the valleys and along the roads or clustered in flat areas, the villages in Neamţ belong to the typical area of transition between mountains and plain.
Whether you see them on the main roads or remote, among mountain peaks or hills, villages in Neamţ County reveal a special world, and remain in time the most precious gift that could be inherited. Here you encounter the source of wisdom, of majesty, of energy, where the true values are never lost, everything is more …

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[8 Apr 2021 | No Comment | ]
A historical journey. From Tudor Vladimirescu to the reconstruction of National Identity

A different exhibit aims to capture the visitors and increase teenagers’ interest in exploring the museum’s space from inside.
A historical journey. From Tudor Vladimirescu to the reconstruction of National Identity. Chromatic textures. A journey throughout history, an exhibit organized at the initiative of the Neamț National Museum Complex, which can be visited between the 1st of April – the 28th of June 2021, at the Art Gallery in Piatra Neamț.
The exhibition’s approach is a broad one, including Romanian museographers, art personalities and exceptional cultural objects. All of these, brought together …

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[5 Apr 2021 | No Comment | ]
One Museum, many stories in Neamț County

The oldest educational institution in Târgu-Neamț, where Ion Creangă, the most beloved storyteller of all times learned, is currently hosting the History and Ethnography Museum in Târgu-Neamț.
Photo Gallery: Photos from the archive of the History and Ethnography Museum in Târgu-Neamț
The oldest vestiges connected with the exploitation of salt in Neamț County, a millennia old archeology exhibition, belonging to the famous Cucuteni-Trypillia Culture, historical buildings reconstructions, household amenities, ovens, a series of traditional large-scale installations for processing seeds and fruit, wool, wood, etc. which can no longer be found in the …

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[2 Apr 2021 | No Comment | ]
Unique moments on the lakes in Neamț

For years, the birds on the lakes in Neamț County have been offering an unprecedented show, charming the eyes of those passing by and stopping them on their way to admire them. For those who are passioned by photo-video art, swans are a focal point of attraction and interest.
Photo Gallery:
Photos captured during ”Discover Neamț Land” Photo Event
Delighted by the splendors on the lakes, art lovers rush to capture their beauty and grace and sometimes, if they are lucky enough, they are able to immortalize unique moments that you can also …