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[16 Mar 2022 | No Comment | ]
A history full of travels, writings, legends, stories that all describe a Holy Mountain: Ceahlău Massif from Neamț County

”There is no other mountain more known, sought after and more often mentioned all through the country. Many writers mentioned Ceahlău Massif in their stories, legends or in their wonderful descriptions”, stated one of the most known Romanian geographers Ion Simionescu. This is the beginning of the article that was recently issued in the newspaper ”Mesagerul de Neamț”, an article written by Prof. Daniel Dieaconu as a homage to a mountain with an impressive history visited over time by renowned travelers that remained in the memory of many people by …

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[9 Mar 2022 | No Comment | ]
Together, we can make a difference!

The contribution of the community, including filling out surveys, generally helps to improve activities in all kind of fields of activity.
You can access the survey by clicking the link below:
The online research is part of the SHARE project, a project aiming to support heritage sites, events and festivals across Europe to manage more effectively the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and to better plan ahead for the future. The survey has been designed under the guidance of experts from Greenwich University (London, UK), in partnership with the North-East Regional …

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[7 Mar 2022 | No Comment | ]
Photographic Collection of Neamț County

Teodorescu’s continuous present is highlighted in a high impact emotional documentary film and summed up in the eighteen volumes of more than six hundred photos from the after 1920s Neamț County and other places from Moldavia.
Ioan Clopoțel is the one who brings back to life the images of the past times and places in a piece-by-piece video made with postcards from the collection of the teacher N. Teodorescu, the Headmaster of the Boys’ School no. 4 in Piatra Neamț, from the following years after the 1920s, a collection that was …

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[8 Feb 2022 | No Comment | ]
Neamț County, a romantic destination for you to spend Valentine’s Day

Have you already made your plans for February or not? In case you haven’t made your plans yet, we highly recommend Neamț County that can be the best option for you to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day. If you decide to come here, you will find many leisure activities that you can practice and tourist attractions that you can see, so you can make out of this day a very special one that you will keep in your mind forever.
In addition to being the historical center of Piatra Neamț, …

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[3 Feb 2022 | No Comment | ]
Huge online impact of Neamț County

Revealed in thousands ways of presentation, the beauty of Neamț County has reached, throughout 2021, a large number of users of online platforms. Many of them came to Neamț to discover places, meet new people and enjoy memorable moments. Others planned spending their holiday here in Neamț, the fairytale land.
Last year, almost two million people, tourists from the country and around the world, found out new things and information about Neamț County, both in Romanian and English on social media pages, websites and Visit Neamt YouTube channel , the online …

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[1 Feb 2022 | No Comment | ]
Ecotourism’s Development in Neamț County

In 2021, one of the 10 ecotourism destinations in Romania and the only one in the country included in the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations, is in Neamț, the renowned Bison Land, which remains for the fifth year in a row in this exclusive top worldwide.
Here you will discover important landmarks of the destination, such as the Dragoș Vodă Bison Reserve, of about 11,500 ha, established in 1968, where, in addition to bison, you can also see other animal species such as Carpathian deer, Northern shovelers, deer, foxes, badgers, wolves and bears.
The land …