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The Christmas Fair in Neamț, the bag of goodies of Santa Claus

At the Christmas Fair in Neamț, children have the opportunity to see the kind and gentle Santa every day, starting from 16:30, in his specially decorated house. The little ones will now have the opportunity to tell a poem, sing a carol or whisper a wish to Santa Claus. The joy of the meeting will be immortalized through a photo session, and the most enthusiastic visitors will be able to transform into their favorite characters, through the most-loved face paintings.
Photo gallery:
The fair in Neamț is, this year, like Santa’s bag of goodies, …

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Once upon a time there was a very generous old man, who loved to wander around the world and to give gifts. He had an enchanted small flock of flying reindeer. And there were Christmas presents, elves and fairies. And they all lived in a small village, which originally existed in Lapland-Finland.
Then Santa thought he needed a milder climate. So he decided to move to a new residence in Romania, in Moldavia, in the commune of Negrești, in Neamț County.
He seriously documented himself about the geography of the place. It is …

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Christmas Customs and Traditions

Christmas customs and traditions
Christmas is the first holiday during the New Year’s holiday season. In Romania, Christmas is celebrated according to the new calendar on December 25, and according to the old one, on January 7. 
There is no family in the countryside who does not prepare for Christmas.
During the Christmas holidays, the most beautiful custom of all is caroling. Carols are the songs with which children, young people or even adults greet the coming of Christ on Earth.        
The origin of the word carol is found in the Latin calendae. The name was given by the Romans to the pagan New Year holidays. At that time, the children of the Romans walked …

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Fall in Neamț County, Part III

The beauty of Neamț County, various locations and poses captured during the autumn season, flooded the social media with color and delight.
“Impaired Poplars”, “Silver Forest”, “Copper Forests”, famous Eminescu phrases that determined – a one of a kind thing in the world! – the creation of precisely delimited natural reserves. (Neamț County – Monography, PANTEON Publishing House, Piatra Neamț, 1995)
     One of the most beautiful intermountain depressions, at the border of the Eastern Carpathians, Piatra Neamţ Town is located at the confluence of two rivers, Cuejdiu and Bistrita and is surrounded …

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The Transnational Cultural Tourist Route of the wooden churches in Romania and the Republic of Moldavia internationally awarded

“Wooden churches route”, awarded internationally, also includes the beautiful village treasures of Neamț.
The journey on the Transnational Cultural Tourist Route of the wooden churches in Romania and the Republic of Moldavia takes you back in time, through over hundreds of years of history and cultural events. Basically, on this route, you embark on an extensive process of discovering the essence of the community spirit, its artistic creativity and, why not, of your own soul.
Thus, along the entire route, on the surface of 16 counties in our country and 3 districts across the River …

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Christmas Fair in Neamț 2021, 5th edition

The Christmas Fair in Neamț is dedicated to local young talents and traditional products!
The Fifth Edition, December 17 – January 2, 2022
We are waiting for you in Neamț to spend the most cheerful holidays!
The Princely Court in Piatra Neamț will once again be a place of long-awaited joy and celebration, especially after a year in which both locals and tourists did not participate in any events.
In the month of presents, we are waiting for you in a fairytale place, where beautiful carols will be heard again, where the main character …

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The present is connected to the past

These days, the actors from the Youth Theater are in the middle of rehearsals for “A Lost Letter” („O scrisoare pierdută”), a good opportunity for a documentary research.
 In the footsteps of Caragiale in Piatra Neamț
In the image is that theater, immortalized in the interwar period, in a card from the collection of the “GT Kirileanu” County Library.
As the biography source indicates, a first record of his arrival in our city refers to the period October 1881- February 1882, when the young Ion Luca Caragiale is a school inspector for Neamț …