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Traveling the great mountain Ceahlău.  From Izvorul Muntelui Chalet to the top of the massif

Traveling the great mountain Ceahlău
From Izvorul Muntelui Chalet to the top of the massif
Ceahlău National Park offers a lot of opportunities for adventure hike, but also for discovering breathtaking landscapes. To reach the plateau of Ceahlău massif, there are seven trails available for tourists, three of which start from Izvorul Muntelui area.
One of the most frequented and also the shortest trail (around 3  1/2 hours) crosses the eastern side of the mountain. The trail starts near Izvorul Muntelui Chalet (797 m) crosses Lutu Roşu Hollow (1,020 m) and ends at …

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The Holy Week – time for a meaningful trip to the monasteries in Neamţ


The Holy Week – time for a meaningful trip to the monasteries in Neamţ
We have entered the Great Week when we celebrate the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time when Christians are more inclined towards faith, praying, fasting and participating in the services of the Orthodox Church. It is also a time when people turn to those who are in need and suffering and try to give them a helping hand. Last but not least, people look retrospectively of their lives and spend these holy days …

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People and places. Journey inside the picturesque world of Borca commune

People and places. Journey inside the picturesque world of Borca commune
Situated in the central part of the Eastern Carpathians, on the middle course of the Bistriţa River, Borca is a land that impresses through its majestic landscapes, places of great historical significance, traditions, customs, magical practices, and last but not least by its people who conquer you with their warmth and magic of speech and make you want to come back soon.
Geographically placed in the watersheds of the Sabasa and Borca streams, Borca commune comprises eight villages disposed on both …

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From Durău Monastery, to a memorable hiking on the majestic Ceahlău Mountain

The Annunciation Day (Romanian ”Buna Vestire” or “Blagoveştenia”) is the feast that gathers, every year, a large number of tourists and pilgrims at the Durău Monastery, located at the foot of Ceahlău Mountain. On this day (the 25th of March) the Monastery celebrates its Dedication Day. After taking part in the religious service, people will enjoy fish dishes, being allowed to eat fish on this holy day.
In the popular culture, calendar the Annunciation Day is also known as the Cuckoo Day (Romanian “Ziua cucului”). The elders say that in the …

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Celebrating the Dedication Day of Horaița Monastery

 Celebrating the Dedication Day of Horaița Monastery
Located in the Village of Crăcăoani, 6 km away from the road between Piatra Neamţ and Tîrgu Neamţ, Horaiţa Monastery is higly frequented by believers, who come here for recovering and forming a sacred communion with God. The Monastery celebrates its Dedication Day on the 25th of March, the day of the Announciation (Romanian “Buna Vestire”).
The church is built exclusively of stone and has eight towers, a unique element of the Moldavian ecclesiastical architecture, which stands as a symbol of eternity. The number and …

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Mountain villages, wonderful landscapes: Bârnadu – Trei Fântâni – Izvorul Alb

Bârnadu village is situated in a very beautiful area in Neamţ county. The village is placed at the foothill of Ciurgău Mountain, on the ridge between the basins of Sugău and Bardosul rivers, consisting of scattered households, with large courtyards and narrow lanes. Bârnadu is situated just above the high and steep Bicaz Gorges, making a picturesque destination of it, an oasis of peace and beauty, where landscapes of Șugău Gorges, Criminiș Peak and Hășmașu Mare Peak are available to the viewers. The most frequented way of access to the …

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The 9th of March – a day of ancient customs and traditions

The Christian Celebration of The 40 Holy Martyrs is the first of a series of religious spring holidays, marked by many customs. According to popular belief, it is said that this day is a line of demarcation between winter and summer, between the capricious days of Dochia and the warm ones of the Old Men.
Tradition also says that Baba Dochia dies and turns into a cliff on the Martyrs’ day. On this day, the Old Men were believed to have been sacrificed and later transformed into ashes on the funeral …

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The Horăicioara Convent`s Spring, a place of healing

Isolated in the heart of the mountains, far away from the noisy world, The Horăicioara Convent (also known as “The Old Horaița”) is situated all around Cracaoani Village. The Horăicioara Convent „is a eagle’s nest hanging in the crack of an air cliff” as the famous Romanian writer Calistrat Hogaș recalled.
Not only is the place wonderful -a real oasis of peace and quiet- but is also believed to be a place where miracles happen. The monks and villagers say that nearby the convent there is a spring with healing water. …