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Romanian Tourism Fair, 33th Edition 2015

From 12th to 15th of March 2015, Neamt County Council attended, as every year, at the Romanian Tourism Fair, 33th edition, held in Romexpo Bucharest.
Under the title Neamţ – a land of legend, county representatives were present at the biggest event in the country, with multiple materials promoting the objectives in our area, particularly appreciated by our stand visitors.
Figurines that have animated characters of Creanga, made by craftsman Ionela Lungu, were another point of interest, especially for children, and opportunity for their companions to remember from childhood stories.
And at this edition, …

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Mini-holiday of May 1st in Neamt

           The Day of May 1st, International Workers’ Day, a time confiscated to celebrate the work by working, is slowly regains significance and party habits. Since ancient times this day marks the Armindeni (popular name of the 1st of May). It was considered as the first day of spring, in wich the work was stopped for earth to rest, for multiplying flocks and herds, a day when it was customary that householders get out in clearings and terraces from the village surroundings for rustic celebration. They eat well and …

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Tonitza`s paintings from the Monastery Durău

                          Nicholae Tonitza, whom about Tudor Arghezi wrote “Tonitza is a word complex concentrated active; big in all components … . His suave brush say, think and sing … ” was born in Barlad on 13th of April, 1886. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Iasi, followed in Berlin the Bavarian Royal Academy of Fine Arts, then in Paris. Few know that Tonitza, best selling Romanian painter for 10 years (almost one million), was a painter of churches. In our …

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The main exhibition of the Museum of History and Ethnography Targu Neamt

               The permanent exhibition at the Museum of History and Ethnography in Targu Neamt was founded in the way it looks today, in 1987, but was rebuilt, expanded and improved in successive stages by 2012. In the six rooms, three downstairs and three upstairs, exhibition, put in relief the life of the inhabitants of Ozana water from Eneolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, until the formation of the Romanian people and the contemporary feudal era. Visitors who pass the threshold of the museum will be surprised by …

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Beneficial mineral water in Resort Bălţăteşti

Bălţăteşti resort, from the Bălţăteşti Commune, Neamt County is recognized because of mineral water springs, salt and mud in which the contents are significant amounts of calcium, sodium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine, in proportions comparable to those of resorts of Europe West, Vichy, from France and Karlovy Vary from the Czech Republic. The resort is offering medical services of balneophysiotherapy and medical rehabilitation through acupuncture procedures, hydrokinetotherapy in the pool, physiotherapy in gym, aerosols and external balneary procedures for inflammatory rheumatic disorders, neurological, gynecological, respiratory system and neuroses, and climato- …

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Culinary Traditions on Easter holidays

Every year the Easter Feast occasions perpetuation of food habits of housewives learned sacredly and with great pleasure by consumers. Travelers arrived during this period to one of the guest houses in our county will not be disappointed because they will be greeted by hosts welcoming guests with spring in the soul and the banquet table.
Prominently are pasca (traditional sweet bread made of yeast dough filled with cheese, raisins, cream, etc) and red eggs. Traditional Pasca is the round shape one made with curl stitching around and cross braided as in the …

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Agapia Monastery

Located between the mountains that carrying ancient forests and emphasizes the beauty of a place cherished with christian love, Agapia Monastery, one of the most famous in Moldova, is first mentioned in 1437. But because the land was subject to landslides, by the 1600s, the monks built another monastery, below, of granite stone, consecrated in 1647. The church is dedicated to the old church built by Petru Rares, Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Since 1803, the monastery receives community of nuns. Over time, the monastery, which “seems to sneak and hide in …

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Festival “Joy of Light” – ed VII Targu Neamt

Targu Neamt Local Council, City Hall and House of Culture from the city at the foot of Neamt Fortress, praising Easter Holidays, invites us to participate as spectators, of course, at the “Joy of Light” that will debut Monday, April 13th , first in locations provided by House of Culture, starting at 13.00.
The Festival program includes: Exhibition of paintings and hand-made of pupils within Secondary School no. 2 of Targu Neamt, Experimental Photography Exhibition of the University of Art and Design from Cluj Napoca – “Real – Subreal” and Photo Exhibition …