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Wooden Church of Bicazu Ardelean – Goat Runlet

When we are on Route Bicaz – Red Lake, we can reach the wooden church at Goat Runlet which is dedicated to “Saint Dumitru” if from the Bicazu Ardelean Commune turn right for Telec, on asphalt road. At no kilometer, considered from Bicazu Ardelean City Hall, on the first knoll on the left, even on the side road, we see the walls painted in yellow, as he leaves his hat from shingles, giving the greeting and inviting the traveler to cross the threshold.
In this beautiful yew tree church, built on …

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Saturday  and Sunday, October 25th to 26th , 2014 at the Horse Base Virgil Barbuceanu from Piatra Neamt, was held the Autumn Agricultural Fair, an opportunity to record the autumnal balance.
Organizers were Piatra Neamt CityHall, Neamt County Council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Department of Agriculture, agricultural chambers and associations in the county.
This year, the fair was divided into salons and enjoyed a wide participation from agricultural producers, manufacturers of agricultural equipment or animal breeders. Exhibitors presented to the visitors organic preparations of milk and meat, vegetables, fruit, bee products.
Wanting …

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Memorial House Mihail Sadoveanu

The building that houses the Museum of Mihail Sadoveanu from Vanatori, located next to the Hermitage Vovidenia had originally intended to be a Archiery Palace, being built in 1937 by metropolitan care at the time, Visarion Puiu.
Since the year 1944 the house is ceded to the great writer, who was particularly charmed with these places and will use it as a summer residence. With the family help, in this house was arranged a museum where, besides the personal objects of the writer, are exhibited his works. The library contains the …

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The Division of Sheep

At Romanians, the sheepfold work is conducted in a series of occurrences, a mixture of mythology, mysticism, of elements of the Christian religion, of rituals, of practices and beliefs related to old traditions, primary.
The division of sheep is an ancestral pastoral event, the second largest celebration of grazing.
After, in early May, the sheep are climbed to the mountain (sheep`s climbing), at St. Demetrius are unfolding the sheepfolds, balance and festive occasion for owners of the sheep and shepherds, that ends the pacts concluded.
After the sheep owners with their wives and …

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Historical monuments in Neamt – Historical Buildings and Houses

Not only for locals but also for tourists that are visiting us, we propose a “promenade” on the old streets of the city, which can be done at a weekend, to review national heritage houses on the list of historic monuments, starting from the house of the writer “A walk in the mountains”.
Memorial House Calistrat Hogaş, situated in the center of Piatra Neamt, at Calistrat Hogaş at No. 1, is built in the year 1885. It was donated to the state in 1967, to become museum. More things you’ll learn …

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Orthodox convents in Neamţ mountains

Hermitages, raised by monks – hermits, lovers of quiet, constrained to make cells or small chapels for prayer, often in isolated places and hard to break, sometimes through huge rocks, away from enemies and fire, represents an important part of the monastic establishments which have withstood the vicissitudes of time, becoming places around which grew the religious life of places where, hundreds of years ago, they were placed.
Such hermitages, arose first as cloisters, are around the massive Ceahlău, the Mount Athos of Romanians, some of them due to royal donations …

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The Fruits of The Forest FESTIVAL

This year, the fifth edition of the The Fruits of The Forest  Festival in Piatra Neamt (September 19th to 20th.) was organized, surprisingly the city inhabitants, in the park suspended built over the trough Cuiejdi , a very inspiring location chosen by the organizers: ANTREC, National Tourism Authority, the County Council and the City Piatra Neamt.
Saturday, September 20th, at 10.00am, on a particularly lovely time, were present individual producers, pensions, and industrial manufacturers that use the fruits of the forest in the preparation of various products after their own recipes without preservatives used in household consumption, in the menus offered by bed and breakfast or in the form of herbal medicines and cosmetics. They were joined by a few craftsmen, …

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Bicaz Keys – overwhelming landscape

Situated on the DN 12C Bicaz – Gheorghieni, immediately after the town Bicaz keys, the Bicaz Keys, stretched out over a distance of almost 8 km, connects Neamt and Harghita counties and is one of the most spectacular and attractive tourist areas of the country,
All the way from Bicaz Keys is formed by streamers, after every curve you find landscapes of a rare beauty. The eyes follows water, that is jumping foamy over the rocks, her sping fills our ears with sounds of small waterfalls, then climbes to dazzling heights, …