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The Romanian Tourism Fair, Fall Edition, 2014 

It was opened The Romanian Tourism Fair at the Romexpo in Bucharest. Like we announced, and this autumn edition, Neamț County Council is present with promotional offers of the tourist objectives in our county. Presentation of the stand and special edition brochures for participation in the most important fair in the country, along with other tourism materials, already aroused the interest of many visitors that we expect to spend the winter holiday and more.
Also, Neamt County Council’s stand was visited by officials attending the event, among which Mr. Nicoae Florin Jianu – Delegate Minister …

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The exhibition of Mihai Nechita Burculeţ at Art Galleries Lascar Vorel

On National Culture Day, at Lascar Vorel Gallery in Piatra Neamt, took place with the support of UAPR Neamt branch and Neamt Museum Complex, exhibition of the painter Mihai Nechita – Burculeţ, of which has spoken the art critic and writer Lucian Strochi.
Painter, member of the subsidiary UAPR Bacau, born on 5th of February 1949 at Sârca, Iasi County, is a graduate of the School of Art Octav Băncilă and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Iasi. His paintings have stood on the Gallery cymas by the end of January, enjoying …

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Wooden church Grinţieş

Grinţieş City is in the northwest of Neamt County, 80 km from Piatra Neamt and 56 km from Targu Neamt. Access path to Grinţieş is DJ155F, which branches from DN15 and connects to Durău resort.
Grintiesul Mare village is first mentioned in 1794 in “The church diptych from Grinţieş”, having the shape of a triptych written and painted on maple wood, preserved in the altar. Toponym Grinţieş is due Die Grentze a German word which means border, in this place been set up frontier guard picketsr and customs because the Habsburg Empire stretched …

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“Eminescu and his time” – 143 years since the poet birth – evocation at the Library GT Kirileanu Piatra Neamt

Hall “Victor Brauner” of GT Kirileanu Library in Piatra Neamt, was overcrowded Friday, January 13th , 2015, at the event “Eminescu and his time – 143 years since the birth of the poet”.
From 17.15 hours in the presence of a large and informed audience, gathered with an hour earlier, which included among many writers from Neamt or other parts of the country, talked about Eminescu`s less known poetry, the beauty of Romanian language, about poet’s life and work.
It was an evening dedicated to poetry of Eminescu, an unforgettable evening of …

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Bistrita Valley

On Bistrita Valley tourism is made all year and is an area increasingly sought after by tourists.
The charm and energy of this valley made the feather of several writers to lay beautiful words that we find from Dimitrie Cantemir in Moldavia Description, at Alecu Russo in Singing Romania or Alexander Vlahuţă in Romania picturesque. Among many others, Sadoveanu, charmed by the character of people, customs and their way of life, places the action of the novel Hatchet right on the course of this valley. Crossing the county, Bistrita`s water witnessed many historical …

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Wooden church Galu

Wooden church in the village of Galu, commune Poiana Teiului, Neamt County was built in the early nineteenth century on the site of a much older ancient shrine of 1780, destroyed in unknown circumstances. Built on a knoll, the church burnes in 1812, to be raised again after several years of effort, this time near the bank of Bistrita, up to 1818. The church building is made in Moldavian style with some Transylvanian influences, justified by Transylvanian migration from the late eighteenth century, to Moldova, on which occasion, we remember that …

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Alexander Vlahuţă Memorial House

In the monastic village near Agapia, on a hillside, mother Elizabeth Strajescu, sister of the writer, built in 1885, a small wooden house with porch where after his mother moved. In this house, the writer Alexandru Vlahuţă (1858-1919) came in summer to rest. Sometimes was bringing his friends, Caragiale (1852-1912), Slavici (1848-1925), Delavrancea (1858-1918), Haşdeu (1838-1907), Octavian Goga (1881-1938) and Paul Bujor (1862- 1952), among which includes, of course, and painter Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907), who painted the monastery church. Alexander Vlahuţă Memorial House is now a memorial museum established in 1958. In the …

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Bâtca Doamnei Lake

Formed in 1962, when it was constructed the hydropower plant with the same name, the lake is situated at an altitude of 325 meters, has an area of ​​240 hectares, the maximum width of 1 km, length of 3.2 km and a depth of about 15 meters. It is fed by the river Bistrita and brook Doamna, right affluent of the lake. Bâtca Doamnei Lake is located right at the edge of Piatra Neamt County, near the city’s ring road, at the exit towards Bicaz. Being an oasis of tranquility and recreation for …