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The Romanian Tourism Fair, Fall Edition, 2014 

It was opened The Romanian Tourism Fair at the Romexpo in Bucharest. Like we announced, and this autumn edition, Neamț County Council is present with promotional offers of the tourist objectives in our county. Presentation of the stand and special edition brochures for participation in the most important fair in the country, along with other tourism materials, already aroused the interest of many visitors that we expect to spend the winter holiday and more.
Also, Neamt County Council’s stand was visited by officials attending the event, among which Mr. Nicoae Florin Jianu – Delegate Minister …

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Tazlău Monastery

The first document attesting the existence of the monastic settlement is from 1458, when Stephen the Great strengthens the boundaries of the monastery, then through another document, in 1481, the prince gives it two villages from The Field of Dragos. Massive construction of stone is one of the monumental foundations of Stephen the Great. The monastery church is surrounded by defensive walls similar to those in Suceviţa and Moldovita. The ruler Petru Rares added the Bellfry Tower, which has a height of 14 meters, and three bells, of which the largest weighs …

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Memorial House Veronica Micle

The house in which it works today the Veronica Micle Memorial Museum was built in 1834 by Neamt Monastery initially used as guest house. In 1850, was sold to Anna Câmpeanu, the poet`s mother, a Romanian woman who had moved from Transylvania. Veronica Micle lived here the first part of childhood, moving then with his mother in Iasi. The house from Targu Neamt was given as a wedding dowry in marriage to Professor Stephen Micle. Because, at old age the poet`s mother became a nun at the Monastery Văratec, and because she loved this …

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Neamt villages – Izvorul Alb (White Spring)

Izvorul Alb Village is one of the four localities that belong administratively to Bicaz City in Neamt County and is located at a distance of 20 km from the center of Bicaz, and 15 km from the old port of the dam. Before the construction of the dam in Bicaz, the village was situated on the Bistrita bank, but the appearance of the Mountain Spring Lake forced the residents to leave their places, so that many of them have moved towards the foot of Ceahlău Mountain, building houses along the valley of …

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Razboieni Monastery

   In commune Războieni, at 26 km from Piatra Neamt and 35 km from Targu Neamt (Piatra Neamt 208 DJ –Tupilaţi – Hanu Ancuţei) is the monastery of nuns dedicated to The Synod of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, built in 1496 at the command of Stephen the Great, 20 years after the battle of White Valley. The monastery is built of stone with thick walls and is unique in the series of the foundations of the ruler, having the role of a mausoleum, sheltering under the slabs of the church the …

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Pângăraţi Monastery

Pângăraţi Monastery is situated in Neamt County, in a dream place, surrounded by forests adorned by conifers and deciduous trees, on the left bank of the creek Pângăraţi at about 13 km from Piatra Neamt, following DN15 (Piatra Neamt-Bicaz) to right, the road is paved and passes in front of Hydroelectric plant Stejaru.
The name of the monastery comes from the name of a hermit who lived in the years of the fifteenth century right near the creek which he named, by the name of Pangratie. Hearing the true-believer ruler Stephen the …

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Museum of History and Archaeology from Piatra Neamţ – Exhibition Royal Collection of silver and base metal

We have the extremely rare opportunity to enjoy at our home, in Piatra Neamt, until 18th of February 2015, the exhibition entitled suggestive Silver and base metal collection of the National Museum Bran, held at the Museum of History and Archaeology, by care of a group of curators led by Mrs. Dr. Mihaela Verzea, exhibition curator. From the hundreds of pieces of a great diversity collected by Queen Mary and other members of the royal family, some of them bearing the monogram of Queen, located in Bran Museum collection, are exhibited …

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Dragos Voda Bison Reserve, Neamt County

Bison Reserve and Carpathian Fauna Dragos Voda, was founded in 1968. The first three bison were brought here in 1970 from Poland. In 1974, they were born here a male and a female. Dragos Voda Bison Reserve, currently Zoo Dragos Voda, one of the four protected areas included in the Natural Park Vanatori Neamt, streches about 11,500 ha. Of the 28 bison existing at Vanatori Neamt, only 7, two males and five females were housed in tourist purpose by Zoo Dragos Voda. The remaining copies are in The Acclimatization Park which covers …