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The Romanian Tourism Fair, Fall Edition, 2014 

It was opened The Romanian Tourism Fair at the Romexpo in Bucharest. Like we announced, and this autumn edition, Neamț County Council is present with promotional offers of the tourist objectives in our county. Presentation of the stand and special edition brochures for participation in the most important fair in the country, along with other tourism materials, already aroused the interest of many visitors that we expect to spend the winter holiday and more.
Also, Neamt County Council’s stand was visited by officials attending the event, among which Mr. Nicoae Florin Jianu – Delegate Minister …

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Cake with Linseed

Traditional Christmas Cake bearing different names in different regions of the country (Christmas Cake, Jesus’ Diapers, Christmas’s Eve Cake), in our region-Moldavia, especially in Neamţ county is called Cake with Linseed. This cake is made from unleavened dough, unlike ritual baked Christmases pastry (Romanian braids, sweet breads, triangular dumplings). Preparing the Cake with Linseed is a very important and expected moment for the families that kept the tradition of consuming this concoction, especially appreciated by people who have respected the austerity of the Christmas fast, all the ingredients being of …

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Days „Ion Creangă”, the Fourty-Five Edition (13 – 15 December)

The official opening took place on Friday, December 12th, at the Memorial Museum “Ion Creanga” in Humulești. On the same day, at the Museum of History and Ethnography, took place the opening of the temporary exhibition “Photo-documentaries Relating to Ion Creangă“, “Ion Creangă – Symposium – 120 years of immortality “, and a presentation of the book “Ion Creangă – Pieces of  Work“, Edition works-cared for by academician Eugen Simion. Theatre lovers were guests on the track “OOO!…“, submitted to Youth Theater (Teatrul Tineretului) Piatra Neamț and at Culture House …

Local artisans »

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Handicraft Manufacturer Masks – Vasile Ciocârlan

I met the popular craftsman Vasile Ciocârlan, from Ştefan cel Mare village at the Christmas Fair, held at Piatra Neamț, in December 2014. Looking at the exposure of the products made for valorification, you realize that he is carrying on the craft masks. Being born and raised in the village, where the traditions, customs and rituals, especially traditional holidays are better preserved and more intensely felt, Vasile Ciocârlan made a pastime occupation of manufacturing a variety of masks – having an pronounced ironic sense, ingenuity and craftsmanship, thus expressing his …

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Nemțean-traditional folk costume ornament and color

Over time, Neamt traditional folk costume, through shape, color and ornament was one of the most important modes of expression of popular culture in this region.
Traditional Garments fits into the general characteristics of Moldovan folk, but adds various and original elements specific to Neamt county. The folk costume differentiate by destination – work or feast – or after the area who came: mountaineers wore clothing in sober colors and less ornamented, instead the people from the plain have an explosion of colors.
For the execution of an outfit given, an exclusively female activity, the materials …

Hiking Routes »

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Recreation-leisure-trip making

The long autumn that we enjoy this year, gives us the opportuni beneficial opportunity to spend a few hours in the fresh air of the forest that surrounds our city. On foot, with a small bag, a bottle of water and something to eat, it can be passed through the paths and routes already marked of the biggest “aquarium stone” in the country, as it is called by biologists and paleontologists. Composed of the hills Cernegura, Pietricica and Cozla, this strange aquarium, has embedded in the loamy soil which in section shows like …

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Youth Theater in full season

2014-2015 season, with the number 57, officially opened on Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 September, with the show “A … box”, a successful comedy very popular by public, collective creation after Ion Creangă, directed by Alexandru Dabija, developing postmodern, the events of “Old man`s daughter and old woman daughter” and “The bag with two pennies”. The show was awarded with the distinction of “Best Show” within the National Comedy Festival in Bucharest. For the second part of October,18th  and October, 19th , a surprise to people from Piatra Neamt was the premiere of “Wickedness of …

Monasteries »

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Agapia Monastery – the monastery of nuns – occupations outside religious service: carpets and pottery workshop

In Agapia Monastery, one of the largest monasteries of nuns in Romania, are living 400 nuns. The monastery was built between the years 1641-1643 hatman (Boyar of royal counsil in Moldova, which was commissioned by King with the command of all the army , while having the position of chief magistrate and porter of Suceava) Gavriil Goci, brother of Prince Vasile Lupu. Since then, until 1802, Agapia Monastery had community of monks. In 1803, wanting to establish a seminary priests at Socola Monastery in Iassy, Metropolitan Veniamin Costache has ordered the some 50 nuns from …