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The local folkloric clothing in Neamt County

The folkloric clothing from Neamt County represents one of the main cultural elements that define the traditional clothes in the entire region of Moldova. The clothing pieces were handmade using traditional methods and decorated with traditional colors and models.
The traditional clothing of women was composed of a head piece called “broboada”, catrinta, a shirt, a belt called “brau”, a vest called “bondita”, footwear called “opinci” and a bag called “traista”. All the clothing pieces were handmade and decorated with floral motives.
Each area had different pieces in the clothing that were …

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The wood working art in Neamt County

Starting with the XX century the art of wood working became very important in Neamt County and this lead to the development of several areas in the county where wood working was the main activity. This is the way in which Neamt County became well known for the art pieces made of wood.
Grumazesti area is well known for wood sculpting in hard oak wood. The artisans from this area were making gates, doors, windows, furniture pieces and elements used in the Orthodox churches. Another area famous for its wood working …

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[16 Aug 2012 | No Comment | ]
Traditions in the folkloric creation from Neamt County

Creations of the local artisans from these days continue to maintain the old traditions alive as a link between past and present. Finding the new ways and leaving the old ones behind was a process where traditions were the starting point and also the inspiration.
Local artisans that work in wood added new decorations to the traditional objects they were making. This is the way in which the high wooden gates appeared with floral decorations, shepherd clubs, staffs traditionally decorated, wooden masks and furniture pieces.
Fabrics are mostly created by women that …

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Valuable collections in the ethnographic museums from Neamt County

In Neamt County an important role in maintaining traditions and customs is played by the local ethnographic museums through their permanent exhibitions. You can visit the ethnographic collections from Neamt County in these places: the Ethnography Museum from Piatra Neamt, the History and Ethnography Museum from Targu Neamt, the History and Ethnography Museum from Bicaz, the Ethnographic Collection from Bicazul Ardelean, the Museum from Vanatori – Neamt commune, Neculai Popa Museum from Tarpesti and Vasile Gaman Museum from Vanatori – Neamt.
The folkloric art from Neamt County was well preserved and …

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[23 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
The local artisan Vasile Gaman from Vanatori-Neamt commune

The artisan Vasile Gaman was born in 1936 in Lunca village, Vanatori-Neamt commune. He graduated from the Art and Trades School from Targu Neamt in 1954 and he specialized in wood sculpting and carpentry. Vasile Gaman dedicated his entire life to his passion: giving shape to wood and creating objects that remind us of the past life from the Romanian villages.
His dedication and passion for his work was rewarded after a 40 years career with the membership of Traditional Art Academy from Romania and “Carmen Saeculare” Cultural and Art Center.
His …

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[28 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]
The local artisan Vasile Neamtu

Vasile Neamut from Vanatori commune, Nemtisor village is one of the local artisans that create in his workshop from his house traditional art objects. He inherited the skill of wood carving from his father but he also worked as a carpenter when he was young.
In his home you’ll also see all sorts of old object gathered from Nemtisor village to express the traditions and the history of this place. Vasile Neamtu manages to keep alive the local traditions and to transmit to younger generations the values of the traditional Romanian …