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[20 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
Handicraft Manufacturer Masks – Vasile Ciocârlan

I met the popular craftsman Vasile Ciocârlan, from Ştefan cel Mare village at the Christmas Fair, held at Piatra Neamț, in December 2014. Looking at the exposure of the products made for valorification, you realize that he is carrying on the craft masks. Being born and raised in the village, where the traditions, customs and rituals, especially traditional holidays are better preserved and more intensely felt, Vasile Ciocârlan made a pastime occupation of manufacturing a variety of masks – having an pronounced ironic sense, ingenuity and craftsmanship, thus expressing his …

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[21 Oct 2014 | No Comment | ]
Craftsman Vasile Neamţu

We will find Vasile Neamţu in his workshop joinery and carpentry in Nemtisor village, Vanatori commune, Neamt county, unless he’s gone, as a guest at a festival, in a creative camp or at any fair field.
Together with his wife, homemaker hardworking woman, gather from the forests crooked timber, and leaving their mark on crooked wood joints, brings on the form of the strangest and useful things through a new craftsmanship, which gives them both a new impetus to world, thirst and love of life. He is a member of the Association …

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[30 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]
Handicrafts and their transmission – Ionela Lungu

Lungu Ionela craftsman, a professional engineer, is a founding member of the Association of Craftsmen in Neamt County, member of the Association of Moldova
Craftsmen based in Iasi and the National Association of Craftsmen from Romania.
We met at her studio in Neamt fortress surrounded by funny characters from the stories of Ion Creangă, working with thread to a scene from „Hoopoe from linden” on a sackcloth carpet.
With a natural talent inherited from parents and grandparents, she was borned in Tulcea, Ionela reached, by marrying with Costin Lungu, a renowned artisan, to …

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[26 May 2014 | No Comment | ]
Neamt County traditions in the works of the local artisans

In Neamt County traditions and customs are still kept alive by the local artisans. Tourists that come to visit this place have the chance to know the interesting and beautiful traditions of the villages from Neamt County. A beautiful collection can be found in the works of the local artisans that create objects of true traditional art.
Through their works the artisans from Neamt County bring their contribution to keeping the old traditions and customs alive but also to the further development of traditional art. The artisans create wood sticks carved …

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[25 Jun 2013 | No Comment | ]
Local artisan Branzuca Maria

The local artisan Branzuca Maria from Ceahlau commune, Podis village is one of the artisans from Neamt County that keep alive the traditions of the Romanian traditional village. She was born in 1938 and her entire life was dedicated to the traditional crafts of weaving and sewing and also collecting traditional costumes.
Through the creation of fabrics for daily uses around the house or for clothing, Branzuca Maria managed to keep a certain sensibility and to inspire the love for beauty of the people that live in Neamt County. Together with …

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[26 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
Local artisans – messengers of the old traditions and customs

In Neamt County are still kept lots of the old traditions and customs that impress us with its variety. Every detail of the trades that are still kept active reflect the history and the cultural heritage of the area, being at the same time unique tasks transmitted from one generation to another. The creations of the local artisans from these days continue the old traditions and represent a bridge that connects the past and the future.
Transmitted from one generation to another, traditions and customs were strictly respected, assuring the order …