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[2 Oct 2015 | No Comment | ]

The Eneolithic Art Museum – Cucuteni is a unique national museum by the approached themes, history and art. Currently, the museum shelters the most important Eneolithic collection of the South-East Europe. It is exclusively dedicated to the art of Cucuteni, with its two basic components – decorative and figurative art – currently being exhibited as the most spectacular artefacts, which are real prestigious objects belonging to Precucuteni – Cucuteni Cultural Complex. Photo-documentary materials and three-dimensional objects belonging to all phases and stages of the evolution of this civilization throughout the …

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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]
Grandparents House from Chintinici- Roznov

Grandparents House from the city Roznov, Neamt County, becomes from one year to another, to honor Father Iulian Vasile – the initiator and architect of the project, and to the pride of inhabitants of the town, a special landmark on the map, receiving scientific, ethnographic and educational importance. The young ones and not only they, found in this true House of tales, about a part of the history of the nation. All or nearly all from peasant household from now more than a century, is gathered in Grandparents House. Each object has …

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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]
Nicolae Popa Ethnographic Museum from Târpeşti

In the village Târpeşti, Petricani commune, Neamt County is one of the most beautiful and interesting museums in Moldova. Nicolae Popa, the creator of the museum, known as a craftsman, artist, exceptional collector, writer, learned as a child to make masks for the New Year, and later, to carve in stone (hone) and to wood carve faces of people with original appearance. His works have participated in exhibitions both at home and also in major cities worldwide from Italy, Poland, Yugoslavia, France, Switzerland, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Mongolia, China, …

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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]
Ion Creangă Memorial House – always return to childhood

It is one of the most visited museums in Romania and we know why. Here was born and raised most beloved storyteller of Romanians, Ion Creangă. Inside of the two rooms of the house, stand as testimony the items mentioned in Childhood memories. We look at the chimney pole with rope look with tassel at the end, the hearth of the mantelpiece where Ionica leaned when he was learning to walk, the oven that he was hiding when he was playing peek-a-boo, as all are in place, even weaving and spinning tools …

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[30 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]
The main exhibition of the Museum of History and Ethnography Targu Neamt

               The permanent exhibition at the Museum of History and Ethnography in Targu Neamt was founded in the way it looks today, in 1987, but was rebuilt, expanded and improved in successive stages by 2012. In the six rooms, three downstairs and three upstairs, exhibition, put in relief the life of the inhabitants of Ozana water from Eneolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, until the formation of the Romanian people and the contemporary feudal era. Visitors who pass the threshold of the museum will be surprised by …

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[15 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]
Monastic Museum of Agapia Monastery

How many gold and silver jewels of inestimable value were stolen by the Ottoman besiegers and other predators from our churches and monasteries throughout hundreds of years, we cannot know, since they were melted and turned into “rascal” silver and gold. Nuns and monks of those places have worked with accuracy others and more beautiful, hardworking and skillful with their hands, and today we can admire them in the monastery museums.
Treasure from the Agapia Monastery highlights artistic activities cultivated here over the centuries, such as: embroidery, plasty metal, the art …