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Tosorog Cave – Neamt County

Location: The Tosorog Cave is located in the north-east side of the Hasmas Mountain, at approximately 28 km from the town of Bicaz, in the village Bicazu-Ardelean
Short description
The Tosorog Cave is declared a mixed reservation and is known by the locals under the name of The Waterspout with a hole. Located in the Valley of the Goat (Valea Caprei) with a length of 420 m the cave is considered to be mostly formed by conglomerations. The entrance in the first two rooms iseasy accessible to all tourists but afterwards the …

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The Rock “Piatra Teiului” – “Stone of the Lime”

Location: The Rock “Stone of Lime” is located at approximately 44 km NV from the city of Bicaz, in the village Poiana Largului, on the road that goes to the Durau Resort.
Short description
The Rock “Stone of Lime” is a natural monument and is located in a place called “Coada Lacului” – “The Tail/End of the Lake”. Here 4 roads are intersecting: the ones that come from Moldova and Transilvania. The rock has a height of 23 m.
A solitaire rock in the middle of the Lake Izvorul Muntelui and the most …

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Izvorul Muntelui Lake from Bicaz – Neamt County

Location: Izvorul Muntelui Lake is located 4 km from the city Bicaz and 35 km from Piatra Neamt.
Short description of Izvorul Muntelui Lake
Izvorul Muntelui Lake is also known as Bicaz Lake and it took birth because of the dam built there. The lake is the biggest artificial lake organized on interior rivers from Romania and it’s also the place where in sunny days we can see the reflection of the mighty Ceahlau Mountain.
The surface of the lake depends on the way its waters are exploited for producing electric energy …

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Lacul Rosu Resort – Neamt County

Location: The resort Lacul Rosu is located in a small hollow mountain, near Cheile Bicazului, at an altitude of 983 m
The resort Lacul Rosu was founded in 1837 as a consequence of a natural disaster, that instead of destroying the place it actually created a natural piece of architecture under the form of a lake with the trees trapped in it. Because of the reflection of red stone the lake is called the Red Lake (Lacul Rosu).
Of course that we can also talk about a legend according to which the …

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Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National Park

Location: Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National Park is located in Hasmas Mountain, in the central-north-east area of Romania. The protected area is crossed by the road DN 12C which makes the connection between Gheorgheni and Bicaz
Geographical data
Geographic location: the central part of the Eastern Carpathians
Altitude: 670 – 1792 m
Area: 6,575 ha
Short description of Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National Park

Thanks to the impressive size of this natural monument called Cheile Bicazului this is one of the most interesting areas of the country. The natural borders of this protected area are represented …

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Ceahlau National Park – Neamt County

Location: Ceahlau National Park is located 10 km west of Bicaz and its borders are between Bistrita Valley, Bistricioarea Valley and Bicaz Valley.
Geographical data
Geographic location: centre of the Eastern Carpathians
Location: 47 degrees latitude N, 26 degrees longitude
Area: 290 square km
Ceahlau Massif is the tallest of Bistrita Mountains and it represents the biggest touristic attraction in the Eastern Carpathians. Considered by the Dacia people to be home of their god Zamolxix, the ancient name of this mountain is Pion (Peon) which means “the pillar of the house”. This is the mountain …