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Touristic Routes in Vanatori Neamt Natural Park, Vanatori Neamt Natural Park »

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Touristic routes in the natural park Vanatori – Neamt County

Route number 1
Secu Monastery – The Old Agapia Monastery
Duration: 1 hour
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Route number 2
The Old Agapia Monastery – Sihastria Monastery
Duration: 1,5-2,5 hours
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Route number 3
Sihla Monastery – Varatec Monastery
Duration: 4 hours
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Tosorog Cave – Neamt County

Location: The Tosorog Cave is located in the north-east side of the Hasmas Mountain, at approximately 28 km from the town of Bicaz, in the village Bicazu-Ardelean
Short description
The Tosorog Cave is declared a mixed reservation and is known by the locals under the name of The Waterspout with a hole. Located in the Valley of the Goat (Valea Caprei) with a length of 420 m the cave is considered to be mostly formed by conglomerations. The entrance in the first two rooms iseasy accessible to all tourists but afterwards the …

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The White Church St Lords from Roman – Neamt County

Address: street Veronica Micle nr. 7,  Roman, Neamt County
Built: in the year 1615 by ruler Stefan II Tomsa
Short description
The White Church St Lords from Roman was built in the year 1615 by the ruler Stefan II Tomsa and restored in the year 1695 by Vasile Cantacuzino. The holly place is located in the center of the Roman city and impress through its massive proportions. The name of the White Church comes right from its origin. The building is under this form from 1695 when the old church was restored.
From an …

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Neamt County – General description – Romania online

Neamt County is located in the central-east part of the Romania and its neighbors are Suceava County on the north, Harghita on the west, Bacau on the south and Iasi and Vaslui on the east. The county covers a surface of 5,896 square km and has a variation of natural relief with heights between 1907 m (the Ocolasu Mare peek) and 169 m (the Siret plane).
Access ways:
Road access
– from the west side on the route DN 12 C through Gheorghieni – pasul Bicaz – Lacul Rosu – Cheile Bicazului
– …