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Ceahlău paths: from Durău – Fântânele – Dochia Chalet

When we are in Durău resort (800m), from somewhere on the slope, we can admire the beautiful view of the Massif Ceahlau dominated by the topToaca (1900 m), the Panaghia and Piatra Ciobanului. Thinking to reach Cabana Dochia through Fantanele, we follow the red tape and climb through the forest of spruce and beech. We cross the county road Durau – Mountain Spring, once a beauty road, and continue our ascent through the forest to the heights of the mountain, so that after about an hour, we arrive at a halting …

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On Ceahlău paths from Bicazu Ardelean to Dochia Chalet

The tourist route that we propose starts from Bicazul Ardelean, until Telec village, about 4.5 km on paved road. At a roadside we’ll find a wooden church dedicated to Saint Dumitru, with original interior paintings who wear its hat from 1692, that we can visit. Once in Telec we can visit the wooden church which is dedicated to Exaltation of the Holy Cross, built in 1880. Both churches are historical monuments. From Telec, from the confluence of the creek Bistra with creek Jidan, we go on the communal road that links the Telec …

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[22 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]
Winter images on the route Durau – Fantanele – Toaca – Dochia

This touristic route from Ceahlau Mountain is accessible on every season but during winter tourists must be properly equipped in order to handle some portions of the trail that are more difficult to make during this season. If you’re going to take this trail to reach the top of Ceahlau Mountain you’ll make a journey where you’ll experience the feeling of infinite freedom and you’ll admire the impressive proportions of the mountain.
The route starts in Durau Resort from where the trail goes into the forest. the first stopping point is …

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Winter images from Ceahlau Mountain on the route Curmatura Stanile – Dochia Chalet

If you love winter and outdoor walks on mountain trails you can enjoy all that on Ceahlau Mountain where you’ll find some spectacular scenery. Snowflakes and huge stones covered in snow you’ll see on the route that starts in Bicazul Ardelean village and marked with a blue line.
Walking on this route will guide your footsteps on Bistra creek valley. From here the road goes to the right into the forest until it reaches the place called “Curmatura la Scaune”. The dirt road continues through the forest until it reaches Stanile …

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[29 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]
Jgheabul cu Hotaru route in Ceahlau Mountain

Jgheabul cu Hotaru route is marked with a blue triangle and starts at Izvorul Muntelui chalet. The initial portion of the route is on Lutu Rosu blue dot marking, until the intersection with the asphalted road that goes from Izvorul Muntelui to Durau resort.
After this point the route is marked with a blue triangle placed on orientation pillars. You’ll have to walk on the asphalted road for about 2 km, until you’ll reach an intersection from which the route goes on the dirt road from your left. This is also …

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[15 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
Winter Images from Ceahlau Mountain

Winter is the season when we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve and when we come together with our friends to spend some quality moments. For those of you that love winter and also outdoor hikes we recommend you to visit Neamt County for a hike on Ceahlau Mountain where nature welcomes you with white sceneries. You can spend the winter holidays in a fairytale landscape created by snow, tall pine trees, the ice from the eaves of the houses and by the simple beauty of snowmen.
So, if you are …