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[29 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]
Jgheabul cu Hotaru route in Ceahlau Mountain

Jgheabul cu Hotaru route is marked with a blue triangle and starts at Izvorul Muntelui chalet. The initial portion of the route is on Lutu Rosu blue dot marking, until the intersection with the asphalted road that goes from Izvorul Muntelui to Durau resort.
After this point the route is marked with a blue triangle placed on orientation pillars. You’ll have to walk on the asphalted road for about 2 km, until you’ll reach an intersection from which the route goes on the dirt road from your left. This is also …

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[8 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Hiking in Cheile Bicazului: Lapos Canyon – Saua Cupasului

Cheile Bicazului (850) – Lapos Canyon – Cupaş Planes – Saua Cupaşului (1275) – Cheile Bicazului (850) (circular route)
Marking: red triangle, from Saua Cupaşului red circle
Time to make the route: 3 hours
Distance: 5 km
Level difference: 425 m, difficult to make during winter
During winter this hiking route is difficult to make and we recommend full equipment in order to enjoy the beauty of the mountain fully secured.
The route starts at km 29 from the National Road 12C and the markings are red triangles (the starting point is localized right after the …

Bicaz Gorges - Hăşmaş National Park, Hiking Routes, Tourist Routes in Bicaz Gorges »

[5 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Hiking Route in Cheile Bicazului: Saua Tifra – Lacul Rosu

The hiking routes from the area Cheile Bicazului are harder to do during winter but worth all the effort to admire the frozen nature. An easy ride where you could admire some of the spectacular scenery from this place would be the hiking route that goes to the place called Saua Tifra. You can get here by choosing the hiking route number 7, bookmarked with a yellow triangle and which goes from Cheile Bicazului to Saua Tifra, Drumul Vararilor, Saua Piatra Rosie and finishes in the middle of the Lacul …