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Address: city of Roznov, Neamt County
Founded: 2002
The Museum Gheorghe Ruset Roznovanu, was founded in 2002 in the basement of the church “St. Nicolas” from Roznov, where the colonel Roznoveanu built a crypt for his family.
The museum hosts one of the most beautiful ancient objects which were kept in the church up until 2002. We can see here the spear, bands, decorations of the war and stick of Roznovanu, the 11 coins received for his participation to the war. Also we can see 100 years old clothing, photos, a copy of …

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The church St Nicolas from Roznov – Neamt County

Address: city of Roznov, Neamt County
Built: 1884-1892 by Colonel Gheorghe Ruset Roznovanu
The church is located in the park from the city of Roznov and it was built at the end of the XIX century by the famous political man, the colonel Gheorghe Ruset Roznovanu, in memory of his sun Alexandru who died at the age of 20 by pneumonia. The building has an unusual architecture for the area at it resembles a church with Russian influences in its architecture. This is due to the connections between the colonel’s family and …