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Traveling the great mountain Ceahlău.  From Izvorul Muntelui Chalet to the top of the massif

Traveling the great mountain Ceahlău
From Izvorul Muntelui Chalet to the top of the massif
Ceahlău National Park offers a lot of opportunities for adventure hike, but also for discovering breathtaking landscapes. To reach the plateau of Ceahlău massif, there are seven trails available for tourists, three of which start from Izvorul Muntelui area.
One of the most frequented and also the shortest trail (around 3  1/2 hours) crosses the eastern side of the mountain. The trail starts near Izvorul Muntelui Chalet (797 m) crosses Lutu Roşu Hollow (1,020 m) and ends at …

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Time for hiking in the National Parks of Neamt County, places of rest and relaxation

Time for hiking in the National Parks of Neamt County, places of rest and relaxation
Whether we are talking about Ceahlău National Park, Cheile Bicazului – Hăşmaş National Park or Vânători Neamţ Natural Park, they all make up ideal destinations for spending spare time, experiencing the beauty of nature in all its forms, with the rich diversity of plants and animals and also places full of history and spiritually charged places of worship. Reaching the natural protected areas of Neamţ County, the tourists can climb the mountain routes or choose to …

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From Durău Monastery, to a memorable hiking on the majestic Ceahlău Mountain

The Annunciation Day (Romanian ”Buna Vestire” or “Blagoveştenia”) is the feast that gathers, every year, a large number of tourists and pilgrims at the Durău Monastery, located at the foot of Ceahlău Mountain. On this day (the 25th of March) the Monastery celebrates its Dedication Day. After taking part in the religious service, people will enjoy fish dishes, being allowed to eat fish on this holy day.
In the popular culture, calendar the Annunciation Day is also known as the Cuckoo Day (Romanian “Ziua cucului”). The elders say that in the …

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[28 Feb 2018 | No Comment | ]
Ceahlau Mountain enveloped in Baba Dochia’s mysterious legend

The 1st of March is approaching and beside the customs and traditions related to the trinket (mărțișor) the herald of spring, popular belief reminds of The Old Ladies’ legend, associated with Baba Dochia, the one who brings winter. Once the weather gets warmer, from the 1st to the 9th of March, Baba Dochia starts throwing away her heavy coats.
The beginning of spring is a good occasion for the tourists who like trekking to climb Ceahlău Mountain. Up there, Dochia Cliff reminds of a beautiful legend. According to it, Dochia was …

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[5 Feb 2018 | No Comment | ]
Ceahlău National Park, from Neamț County

Ceahlău National Park
This park was declared a protected area in 1955, but the current limits were established in 2003. The 7,742.5 hectares of the park encompass the following reservations: Ocolaşul Mare (with the highest summit – 1,907 m), Poliţa cu Crini, Cascada Duruitoarea (30 m high) and Avenul mare (a spectacular sinkhole formed by waters in limestone).
Mount Ceahlău, Moldova’s precious stone, as the scholar Prince Dimitrie Cantemir called it in his famous work in Latin Descriptio Moldaviae (1716), has its share of spirituality. There have been sites of praying here …

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[14 Mar 2016 | No Comment | ]
The Legend of Toaca Peak from Ceahlău

If you climb the mountain Ceahlau on the route bookmarked with a red line, that starts in the Durau resort – Cabin Fantanele – Piatra Lata – Panaghia – under Toaca Peak and goes up to the Dochia Cabin, you’ll see, after you pass the Panaghia Stone, the east side of Toaca Peak. If you go along the trail you’ll reach the top of the peek where you can also see the weather observer. In the clear sky days the view from up here is magnificent.
As all the other important …