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[4 Dec 2017 | No Comment | ]
Almaş Monastery from Neamț County

Almaş Monastery
Located in the commune Gârcina, the monastery continues the tradition of the hermitage commissioned in 1659 by an Almaş family – shepherds who fled the Hungarian oppressive regime in Haţeg. Destroyed by a Tatar invasion, the hermitage was rebuilt in 1715 by Lady Ecaterina, the wife of Iordache Cantacuzino, the sword bearer, but the Greek Eterists ravaged it again in 1821, Rebuilt in stone by Chancellor Lupu Balş and monk Rufail, it became a nun hermitage wherefrom nuns were removed in 1959. When it reopened – in 1987 – …

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[25 Mar 2016 | No Comment | ]
Old wooden churches from Neamț County

Old wooden churches from Neamț County
When we are on Route Bicaz – Red Lake, we can reach the wooden church at Goat Runlet which is dedicated to “Saint Dumitru” if from the Bicazu Ardelean Commune turn right for Telec, on asphalt road. At no kilometer, considered from Bicazu Ardelean City Hall, on the first knoll on the left, even on the side road, we see the walls painted in yellow, as he leaves his hat from shingles, giving the greeting and inviting the traveler to cross the threshold.
In this beautiful …

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[22 Sep 2015 | No Comment | ]
Princely Church and Court in Piatra Neamţ

Inherited from Prince Ştefan cel Mare, built between 1468 and 1475, it
represents a genuine effigy of nobility. The harmony of shapes and
exterior decorations, the inconspicuous monumentality, the complex
fully illustrates the beauty of the Moldavian architecture during Ştefan
cel Mare’s rule. The 19 m-high belfry was erected in 1499 and has
become iconic for the town. From up there, visitors can enjoy almost a
bird’s-eye view of Piatra Neamţ and the Bistrita Valley.

Info Phone:
0233 216 808


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[18 Sep 2015 | No Comment | ]
“Saint Parascheva’s” Archbishopric Church – Roman

Commissioned by Petru Rareş and his son Ilaş, the Cathedral complex is enlisted as a monument of religious architecture. In its five-century-old history is has been established as an important cultural centre of the area.
The unique icon of Moldova’ patron saint, Parascheva the Pious, and the extremely beautiful interior mural painting are among its main attractions.

The belfry is also monumental and expressive – its five storeys house an equally impressive library. Info Phone: 0233/731.683


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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]
Catholic Churches in Neamt

Historical documents certify the existence of Catholics in Moldova as early as the thirteenth century, when Dominican monks Christianize the Cumans seated on these lands. In the centuries that followed, many Catholics have migrated to Moldova from Transylvania, so in 1884 is founded the Roman Catholic Diocese of Iasi.
In Neamt there is a large Roman Catholic community, especially in the eastern part of the county: the Roman Deanship has 18 parishes, and some churches have a history of over a century. Let`s visit at a time, the oldest of them.
The Roman Catholic …

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[23 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Wooden church Grinţieş

Grinţieş City is in the northwest of Neamt County, 80 km from Piatra Neamt and 56 km from Targu Neamt. Access path to Grinţieş is DJ155F, which branches from DN15 and connects to Durău resort.
Grintiesul Mare village is first mentioned in 1794 in “The church diptych from Grinţieş”, having the shape of a triptych written and painted on maple wood, preserved in the altar. Toponym Grinţieş is due Die Grentze a German word which means border, in this place been set up frontier guard picketsr and customs because the Habsburg Empire stretched …