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The Eneolithic Art Museum – Cucuteni is a unique national museum by the approached themes, history and art. Currently, the museum shelters the most important Eneolithic collection of the South-East Europe. It is exclusively dedicated to the art of Cucuteni, with its two basic components – decorative and figurative art – currently being exhibited as the most spectacular artefacts, which are real prestigious objects belonging to Precucuteni – Cucuteni Cultural Complex. Photo-documentary materials and three-dimensional objects belonging to all phases and stages of the evolution of this civilization throughout the …

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Princely Church and Court in Piatra Neamţ

Inherited from Prince Ştefan cel Mare, built between 1468 and 1475, it
represents a genuine effigy of nobility. The harmony of shapes and
exterior decorations, the inconspicuous monumentality, the complex
fully illustrates the beauty of the Moldavian architecture during Ştefan
cel Mare’s rule. The 19 m-high belfry was erected in 1499 and has
become iconic for the town. From up there, visitors can enjoy almost a
bird’s-eye view of Piatra Neamţ and the Bistrita Valley.

Info Phone:
0233 216 808


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“Saint Parascheva’s” Archbishopric Church – Roman

Commissioned by Petru Rareş and his son Ilaş, the Cathedral complex is enlisted as a monument of religious architecture. In its five-century-old history is has been established as an important cultural centre of the area.
The unique icon of Moldova’ patron saint, Parascheva the Pious, and the extremely beautiful interior mural painting are among its main attractions.

The belfry is also monumental and expressive – its five storeys house an equally impressive library. Info Phone: 0233/731.683


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As a team building experience or as a way to spend your free time by practicing extreme sports the adventure tourism keeps gaining more tourists in Neamţ County. Ceahlău Mountain offers great panoramas and a multitude of ways to spend the holiday and that is why it’s the perfect destination for this kind of tourism.
Ceahlău Mountain can be explored on one of the 7 touristic routes that are well marked for tourists:

Each route takes you through unique places and offers to tourists great experiences – the complete image of …

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The Neamţ area folk art

No other occupation has ever built a greater social and spiritual bond like traditional weaving during winter. Even Ion Creangă, the storyteller, would engage as a child in such activities that he later recollected how “looms would rumble all over the village Humuleşti”. In such autonomous working environment, a genuine traditional art developed – the homemade fabric, as each loom worker added personal details, ornaments and colours to the popular model in the village,
The Neamţ area is famous for its wall rugs – the “rose” one in Ghindăoani, the “flower” …

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The plant life in Ceahlău National Park

The plant life in the massif, protected by the foundation of Ceahlău National Park, displays extremely valuable mountain ecosystems, most of them continuing in all sub-areas, and contains a luxuriant mixture of a wide variety of species. The reserve is a genuine paradise for researchers and visitors owing to the outstanding scientific importance of the vegetation growing on the rocks, most of the plant groups grown on rock shelves, on a limestone layer, or on conglomerates which is endemic (only locally spread). Moreover, its interest equally lies in the fact …

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Ceahlău National Park

No mountain in Romania has ever charmed the trekkers’ sight stronger or excited their imagination as Mount Ceahlău has…
This majestic dome of the Oriental Carpathians and of the entire Moldavian land, with its aura of the millennia-old geological turmoil that pushed it majestically and proudly from the bottom of the ocean has been blessed with centuries of people stopping for a while in its clearings, grottos and its pastures to hunt, pray, and graze their sheep.
Looking from the surrounding area or from Ceahlău’s peaks, the eye has always rejoiced at …