Touristic Promotion »

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Equestrian tourism in Neamt

In the last years equestrian tourism has taken a considerable momentum and is increasingly successful. Those who visit the tourist resort of national interest Piatra Neamt may, among other opportunities, make a relaxing stroll, leisure, horseback or carriage rides. They will be accompanied by a guide on a route that they themselves can propose on the mountain paths Cernegura, Cozla, Carloman or Pietricica and surrounding streets. The walks are planned with a day before and are planned with trained horses for tourism horseback or carriage. Reservations can be made either by telephone order at …

Local artisans »

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Icons on wood and glass: the craftsman Cecilia Haisan

The arts are the soul of a nation, the flowers that are coming out through the vegetation of the earth coloring its glades over which she is the maaster. Folk artists are those who are building and leading on the traditional crafts heritage in a land like ours. Member of the Association of Craftsmen of Moldova, Cecilia Haisan is the artisan who learned the art of glass painting at the School of Arts in Piatra Neamt, under the guidance of plastic artist Doina Daschievici.
Soon she became famous with his works displayed at …

Lakes in Neamt County »

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Fauna on lakes in Neamt

Neamt County exerts a permanent attraction by the beauty of natural landscapes, especially mountains where wild animals have their paths through forests colored by seasons and are reflected in chain of lakes built on the Bistrita or natural lake Cuiejdel. Lakes Izvorul Muntelui, Pângăraţi, Vaduri, Bâtca Doamnei, Reconstructia are housing fish species such as barbel (with fleshy lips), chub (with broad forehead), broad snout (“black guts”), livid barbell (with yellow mustaches), roach ( with small mouth), trout (indigenous, of lake and rainbow), the slender bleak, spindle-shaped pig, bream (with small …

Customs, traditions and crafts »

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Craftsman Constantin Lungu

Artisan Constantin Lungu, president of the Association of Craftsmen in Neamt County, has the workshop in Humuleşti near Targu Neamt. Specialized in wood carving, he works sticks, sheepfold rods and clubs, hatchets of elderberry wood and hazel wood, some inlaid, some tin-plated at the end of which are carved various images of men depicting shepherds guarding their flocks of sheep. Alongside these, we discover in his workshop beautiful chests, crafted clad in tin foil in which are inlaid traditional symbols, the sun and the cross. Master confesses that realization of such objects …

Festivals organized by Neamt County Council, The Festival "Lada cu Zestre" »

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Folk Art Festival “Dowry Chest” the tenth edition in 2015

Folk Art Festival Dowry Chest, event initiated since 2006 by Neamt County Council, City Hall and City Council Piatra Neamt, Neamt County Museum Complex, the Association of Craftsmen of Moldova, Neamt County Association of Craftsmen and Cultural Foundation Scientific Constantin Matasa, arrived, there!, at the tenth edition.
Festival aims to promote, build and sustain traditions and folk art creation in our country, as reflected by the purpose of the awards which are granted annually by organizersː Award for the Creation in Folk Art, Award for Promoting of Folk Art, offered by …

Monasteries »

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Petru Voda Monastery

Located in a beautiful glade in the mountains Stânişoarei, Petru Voda Monastery is one of the important centers of pilgrimage in the post-revolutionary Romania. It was founded in 1991, first as a hermitage by Father Iustin Pârvu, confessor and the first abbot of the famous monastic settlement, together with two monks disciples who accompanied him.
The church was built on a concrete foundation, and in 1992 were able to officiate religious services. Fame of the founder father went to the four horizons, thus that quickly, the congregation gathered around him. In 1993 the buildings …

Neamt County Pilgrimages »

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Pilgrimage to the Neamt monasteries: from Roman, through Targu Neamt, at Durău

Neamt County is the blessed place in which arose monastic places representing as many treasures of monastic life dedicated to God. Our pilgrimage can start from the first church of the Roman Diocese, which was dedicated to the Holy Friday, built by the father of Alexander the Good, Roman Voda from which It shall be taken the name the town too, today the Roman city. Back then housed royal bones and was therefore chosen to be bishop’s residence since that time. Petru Rares ascended on the church emplacement a new church dedicated …