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Feast of Whitsuntide in tradition of Neamt County

This year, we had at Whitsuntide, again a mini-vacation over three days, between 30th of May to 1st of June.
Whitsuntide, the feast dedicated to the cult of the dead, is taken over from Romans by Dacians. Once they have converted to Christianity, our ancestors celebrated – The Descent of the Holy Spirit – which falls just ten days after Ascension and 50 days after Easter. Over the centuries, the two holidays were merged into one. The feast is celebrated on Sunday. Saturday morning, day called The Big Old Men, are commemorated the dead.
On this …

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Grandparents House from Chintinici- Roznov

Grandparents House from the city Roznov, Neamt County, becomes from one year to another, to honor Father Iulian Vasile – the initiator and architect of the project, and to the pride of inhabitants of the town, a special landmark on the map, receiving scientific, ethnographic and educational importance. The young ones and not only they, found in this true House of tales, about a part of the history of the nation. All or nearly all from peasant household from now more than a century, is gathered in Grandparents House. Each object has …

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Roman Days, 14th to 24th of May, 2015

The sixth edition of Days of Roman, held between the days 14th to 24th of May this year, included cultural and educational and various sports activities. In this edition they have been opened in the city center Traditional Products Fair and Craftsmen Fair.
The program of events dedicated Roman was followed with great interest by a large audience who applauded participants in organized competitions:  Contest of conductors from theological education institutions in Moldova, dedicated to the Melchisedec Stefanescu Days, fifteenth edition, General Knowledge Contest from the Library Roman, Hope for tomorrow, now in its …

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New Season at the Lido Piatra Neamt

From 1st o June 2015, the Day of the Child, Youth Lido opened! Fun train is waiting every weekend between 10 to 20 hours, in the station of Strand Tineretului and leave on the following route: Strand-Telegondola –Youth Theatre-Zoo-Store Petrodava-Strand. The ticket costs 5 and between 12-16 hours, children can get a free ride with the train.The pools full of water are waiting for us, sports fields and playgrounds for children are prepared. This season the entry fee at the strand has the single price of 1 leu! The tariff at the pools …

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Touristic sheepfolds in Neamt

To give you an idea of what is a touristic sheepfold, we invite you to spend an unforgettable weekend or a mini dream holiday at a health portion. Know that a touristic sheepfold, built according to European standards, has the foundation of cement, as well as shelters for sheep, cows, goats, pigs. Construction of the sheepfold has separate rooms (one for the preparation of milk products, another for storage of finished products) with hone, water, hot water and electricity, stainless steel sinks, it has room for accommodation of the shepherds, social group …

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Legend of Panaghia

Who climbs Ceahlău to reach Dochia Chalet, it meets with Panaghia, a majestic rock, imposing. It is said in ancient times, the Panaghia was a girl whose name was Maria. She had blue eyes, bright and blue as the sky in the summer days, the hair blacker than the deepest and silky night, the skin soft and pink, as roses from the gardens of paradise, the voice of a nightingale. At her birth, God gave her a part of his heart and soul. From day to day, the girl grew and became increasingly …

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Goşman Forest Reserve, Brateş fauna Reserve, Waterfalls and Keys Bolovăniş

Goşman Forest Reserve, Brateş fauna Reserve, Waterfalls and Keys Bolovăniş can be targets for hiking on weekends.
On the left side of the creek Goşmanu, where meets with creek Tarcău, uphill from the village Ardeluţa, the side of a mountain starting from the height of about 700 meters up to 1300 meters, with inclinations of up to 45 % is  Goşman Forest Reserve . It is an old forest, a veritable thicket of over 170 hectares, predominantly spruce, beech and fir, with specimens that are passing of one – two hundred years, some with a diameter …