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Huge online impact of Neamț County

3 February 2022 No Comment

Revealed in thousands ways of presentation, the beauty of Neamț County has reached, throughout 2021, a large number of users of online platforms. Many of them came to Neamț to discover places, meet new people and enjoy memorable moments. Others planned spending their holiday here in Neamț, the fairytale land.

Last year, almost two million people, tourists from the country and around the world, found out new things and information about Neamț County, both in Romanian and English on social media pages, websites and Visit Neamt YouTube channel , the online platforms administered by the Tourism Department within the Neamț County Council.

During the past year, 96 articles in Romanian, posted on the Facebook page Vizitează Neamț and 33 articles in English, posted on the Facebook page Visit Neamț , summed up an impact of over one and a half million , promoted and spoke about the beauty and the tourist attractions of Neamț County, the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN).

Member of EDEN since 2018, Neamț County remained in 2021 on the first place among European Destinations of Excellence, in terms of visibility of the Visit Neamt Youtube channel , launched and continuously promoted since 2009. Thus, since the end of 2021, in a statistical analysis carried out by the representatives of the Association of European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) and European Best Destinations (EBD), the Visit Neamt channel with a number of 2513 followers, detachedly leads from Park Faial, the destination ranked on second place, with 752 followers.

With a total of 499 videos that tell fascinating stories about Neamt, inviting the public to discover surprising places in the county, talented folk craftsmen, annual events that take place in Neamt County and many more. The Visit Neamt YouTube channel cumulated, on 31.12.2021, a number of 99,202 video clips throughout 2021.

 Among the top 10 YouTube visits of last year there are videos showing ”Ion Creangă” Memorial House, Neamț Stone Kingdom- Bicaz Gorges, 2 beautiful monasteries from Nechit and Petru Vodă, the faimous stairs leading to Toaca Peak on Ceahlău Massif, the waterfalls in Neamț , The Devil’s Rock, Horăicioara Hermitage and many other beautiful hermitage settlements located in Neamț County, the land with the most monasteries and hermitages in the country. “Jesus’ Diapers” (Turta cu julfă), a traditional dessert for the Neamț County area, ranks second in the visitors’ search on the Visit Neamt YouTube channel, and on first place is the clip that illustrates Bârnadu, the village between the mountains , a wonderful place that never ceases to impress.

Regarding the Romanian webpage www.viziteazaneamt.ro , the visitors were especially interested in the spectacular customs and traditions from the Christmas Fair in Neamț, the special areas that hide fascinating stories , a picturesque road, Axial, rebuilt after more than 20 years and the only one in Neamț that crosses the Ceahlău National Park or other events that took place during the past year in the county.


The Bison Land from Vânători-Neamț Natural Park are at the top of online visits of last year, spotted and captured in images by photography enthusiasts who came to Neamț at the end of 2019, in a tourism promotion event organized by Neamț County Council. Other interesting articles for tourists throughout the past year were: the last month’s edition, Christmas Fair in Neamt that promoted young talents and local products; the very picturesque area Hangu in Neamt , considered a heavenly place on Bistrița Valley; the article about the beautiful Pângărați Monastery , written in 2009.

The radio adventure broadcasted from the Zu trailer, which arrived in Neamț, last summer, made the site’s users intrigued and very interested in the subject.



In respect for the site www.visitneamt.com , the English version of the Romanian one, favorites in the preferences’ top were the following articles: Neamț County, the profile of a memorable place! (Part 1) , Sabasa village, a fairytale place in Neamț .

The present is connected to the past , an article in the top 10 visits that has as a main subject the actors from the Youth Theater who, in November of last year, were in the middle of rehearsals for “A Lost Letter”, a good opportunity for a documentary foray into in the history of the theater in Piatra Neamț, when the young Ion Luca Caragiale was a school auditor for Neamț and Suceava counties, having the chancellery in Piatra Neamț.

At the same time, users of the site in English also showed interest in articles, such as: The stairs that lead to Toaca Peak in Ceahlău Massif, over 1 million views on Facebook , The Legend of “Piatra Teiului” Rock , Traditions and customs at Christmas Market in Neamț , Hiking in Cheile Bicazului: through Cheile Bicajelului to the road Drumul Surducului .


In the top of the articles visited during 2021, is A unique experience at the tourist sheepfolds in Neamț , an article, written last summer, about unique experiences for tourists, in the middle of nature, Farcașa commune being the area with the most tourist sheepfolds from Neamț County.


From the reports written in detail and provided by the Google Analytics platform for the website www.viziteazaneamt.ro , the analyzed period being 01.01 – 31.12.2021, there were a total of 140,824 visits, the page registering a total number of 83,112 visitors , of which 79,627 new visitors.

Also according to the figures from Google Analytics, for the website www.visitneamt.com , the analyzed period  being 01.01 – 31.12.2021, there were a total of 15,949 visits, the page registering a total number of 10,599 visitors , of which 10,420 new visitors.

A top of the articles with the most impact posted last year on the Facebook pages Visit and Visit Neamt shows the interest of social network users and tourists looking for new, interesting, meaningful, wonderful and picturesque places.

Viziteaza Neamt / impact, no. of people

– Magic and colorful sunset in Piatra Neamț – 87,419 people

– Valley of the Twelve, movie set and traditional products market – 73,124 people

– About Neamț County on Radio Romania International – 66,410 people

– Winter on the lake inhabited by Swans – Pângăraţi – 56,738 people

– Bison Land, the only ecotourism destination in the country included in the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations since 2017 – 52,511 people

– Story road in Neamț – 47,239 people

– August 6, the great feast of the Transfiguration and the day of Ceahlău Massif- 42,482 people

– Hanu Ancuței, history pages in a fairytale place – 41,155 people

Visit Neamt / impact, no. of people

– Neamț County, the profile of a memorable place! (Part 1) – 18,920 people

– Unique moments on the lakes of Neamţ County – 11,408 people

– Fall in Neamț County, part I – 11,230 people

– Ancuța’s Inn – History pages in a fairytale place – 9,855 people

– Sabasa village, a fairytale place in Neamț – 8,989 people

– The present is connected to the past: In the footsteps of Caragiale in Piatra Neamț – 8,959 people

– Christmas Fair in Neamț 2021, 5th edition – 7,869 people

– Talking about Neamț County in an interview on Radio Romania International – 7,534 people

In 2018, the Tourism Department within the Neamț County Council has also created for the tourists a mobile application, Visit Neamt, with information and events from within the county. It can be downloaded directly on your mobile device from Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.visitneamt , AppStore : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/visit-neamt/id1439893550?mt=8

Also, starting from the summer of 2021, the tourist promotion of the county is done through the Instagram page , https://www.instagram.com/cjneamt.turism . The page currently has 429 photos, and the famous social networking platform currently hosts billions of images from around the world.

Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are currently the most popular and used social networks in the world.

Especially when it comes to tourism, the stories behind the images are an excellent way of promoting and adding value to the tourist attractions, because they share life experiences and emotions. They have a great influence upon choosing your holiday destination, service providers or they can make you long for holiday destinations that you already know and determine you to revisit them. A high-quality video content can tell the whole story of a tourist destination in less than two minutes, and smart images can be highly persuasive.

Regardless of the method of promotion chosen, the beauty of Neamț County is vivid and endless, it has been and will be transposed into thousands of images and colors, into thousands of written or spoken words. You can never say that you have exhausted all there was to be said or written about Neamț. In addition, each experience is unique and passed through the personal filter of each tourist. Thus, when you love the people and the history behind the places that you visit in Neamț, each time you return here, it will be even nicer, because the places that you feel connected to, make you want to find out even more about their mystery and meaning that are revealed to you with every step that you take in your pursuit.

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