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[18 Jan 2018 | No Comment | ]
Vânători Neamţ Nature Park, from Neamț County

Vânători-Neamţ Nature Park
Stretching on a surface of 30,818 hectares, of which 26,300-hectare forestry fund, the park encompasses remarkable cultural and historical values partly highlighted on our way. Three natural reserves, shrouded in legend and natural charm, welcome the visitors: “Codrii de aramă” (common oaks), “Pădurea de Argint” (white birches), and “Dumbrava” Oak Reserve, which contains secular oaks, between 150 and 200 years old, the only oaks grown in Romania at an altitude of 450 m.
“Dragoş Vodă” Bisons and Carpathian Fauna Reserve
Once an iconic component of the Carpathian wildlife, the bison …

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[4 Mar 2015 | One Comment | ]
Dragos Voda Bison Reserve, Neamt County

Bison Reserve and Carpathian Fauna Dragos Voda, was founded in 1968. The first three bison were brought here in 1970 from Poland. In 1974, they were born here a male and a female. Dragos Voda Bison Reserve, currently Zoo Dragos Voda, one of the four protected areas included in the Natural Park Vanatori Neamt, streches about 11,500 ha. Of the 28 bison existing at Vanatori Neamt, only 7, two males and five females were housed in tourist purpose by Zoo Dragos Voda. The remaining copies are in The Acclimatization Park which covers …

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[18 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]
Traveler in Vanatori Natural Park

Vanatori Natural Park represents an oasis of peace and beautiful scenery, the beauty of this place comes from the harmony of the environment and the beautiful colored of the seasons. As a tourist once you reached this place you’ll feel an inner peace and you’ll enjoy the picturesque of the monasteries.
In these parts there are some of the most well known monasteries from Neamt County: Neamt, Secu, Sihastria, Sihla, Agapia and Varatec. Also, in the park there is Neamt Fortress, a palce present in so many writings. Near the park …

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[26 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
Tourist routes in Vanatori-Neamt Nature Park

Vanatori-Neamt Nature Park is partially located between Neamt creek and Cracau creek and hosts along with its important natural reservations, historic settlements. Here, tourists can visit the famous Neamt Fortress, monasteries like Agapia, Varatec, Agapia Veche, Horaita, Neamt, Secu, Sihastria, hermitages like Sihla, Icoana Veche, Icoana Noua, Pocrov or Daniil Sihastrul and memorial houses like Mihail Sadoveanu, Ion Creanga, Alexandru Vlahuta or Veronica Micle.
Inside the park there are natural reserves like the Copper Forest, the Silver Forest, “Dumbrava” Oak Reserve and “Dragos Voda” Bisons and Carpathian Fauna Reserve.

Routes in Vanatori-Neamt …

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[6 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
A new touristic attraction in Vanatori Natural Park

Starting with this year visitors of Vanatori Natural Park will have the opportunity to enjoy a new touristic attraction unique in Romania. In the interior of the park a bridge has been built with a length of 250 m that starts in front of the main building and continues its way through the back in a circular shape. The construction has the same shape as the bridge from Neamt Fortress but obviously with different purpose: of showing the bio diversity of the park.
Visitors will be able to admire in complete …

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[19 Jun 2012 | No Comment | ]
Bisons in “Vanatori-Neamt” Nature Park from Neamt County

This spring, at “Dragos Voda” Bisons and Carpathian Fauna Reserve from “Vanatori-Neamt” Nature Park in Neamt County two bison calves were born. With these two, the total number of the bisons from the nature reserve reached 21 specimens, plus 6 specimens from the Zoo of the park. Visitors can admire these amazing animals at the Zoo, together with other species like deers, foxes, baggers, rabbits, wolfs and bears.
Bisons is a legendary species in Neamt County and now officially returned to the wild forests in Romania. The first group of bisons …