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Holidays in NEAMŢ

Wherever you come from, Traveller, you are invited to visit this blessed land of Neamt where you can have experiences unknown so far. You can rise to the heights of the Holy Mount Ceahlău, or rule for a moment over the land stretching at your feet far to the horizon and recharge with the force and spell contained in each and every rock. You can also listen to the murmur of the rapids carrying the legends of the Bistrita River through mountains and hills, down to the plains. Furthermore, you …

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Piatra Neamt Days, 24th to 28th of June 2015

Piatra Neamt Days takes place from 24th to 28th of June, 2015, organized by City Hall and City Council. The Opening Ceremony took place on Wednesday June 24th at 14 am, which continued in the song of the House of Culture brass band. Then followed, from 18.00, The Service and Religious Procession on the occasion of the Nativity St. John the Baptist, thw patron of the county capital.
The events began early Tuesday, June 23rd. So, from 11 am, Museum of History and Archaeology hosted the launch of the: Romanian Royal Family. History Pages …

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Vovidenia Hermitage

Vovidenia Hermitage is an Orthodox Monastery in Neamt County, located in Vânători Neamt, at 17 kilometers west of Targu Neamt on the road leading to the monastery Neamt, more precisely, two kilometers southeast of the famous monastery in a magnificent glade surrounded by mixed forests.
It is a wonderful place of prayer dedicated to Entry into the Church of Our Lady, which has over 300 years old. being part of the historical monuments being in the national heritage. By the beauty of these places was attracted too, Mihail Sadoveanu. The house …

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Monastic Village Văratec

Monastic village in Văratec is one of the largest villages of its kind in the country and that, not only for the age of the homes and hermitages, is part of our national patrimony. The village consists of 180 houses with flowers in courtyard and porches, breathing purity. Houses were grouped around churches as they were raised (the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 1817, the Church of the Transfiguration, 1847, the Church of the Assumption, 1882). In the village, says Reverend Mother Stavrofora Iosefina Giosanu are about 400 nuns who live …

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Fishing on Lake Bicaz

Starting 15 June, is opening the fishing season on rivers and lakes in România. All fish are caught after a skilful fight between them and  fisherman Who’s smarter? On Izvorul Muntelui Lake is fishing from motorboat or rowing only, or from the shore. Fishermen know the places and place their tent while preparing their arsenal of rods and bait for perch, carp, bleak, trout, bream, chub, crucian carp and so on. Right on this time the bream is at stake and if I am lucky to place through which passes any herd, i will catch …

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The Race of Roman City

Friday, May 15th, during the event Days of Roman City, was organized The Race of Roman City.
Since the morning, the competition brought together at the start of Roman high school students who competed in relay race on mixed teams, 4 × 900 meters. As in previous editions, with better preparation, the relay team of the Sports High School won the contest.
On the podium also were, in order, teams of Petru Poni Technical College, second place and Vasile Sav School Group, the third place, the team of Roman Voda National College receiving …

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Opening exhibition of naive painting Gheorghe Ciobanu – Piatra Neamt Art Museum

Exhibition of naive painting is part of the Festival “Dowry Chest”. Born in Bălţaţi, Iasi county in 1944, the painter Gheorghe Ciobanu, who paints for over 30 years, is the man who did not need too much school to express his native talent and to impose among the brush artists.
The artist teaches painting in creative camps, participates, being invited with his work at exhibitions and art salons of naive art organized in Romania, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and has paintings spread in private collections all over the world!
Here’s why you …