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Pilgrimages in Neamt County: from Sihla Hermitage to Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage

Sihla Hermitage is situated at about 6 km from Sihastria Monastery, in a plane from the south-east of Stanisoara Mountains, also known by the locals as Sihla Mountains. Because of how beautiful and isolated this place is, it was preferred over time by monks. Our journey starts at Sihla Hermitage, on a panoramic point over the old church and continues to Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage situated in a valley locally called “Rapa lui Coroi”.
Sihla Hermitage was built in 1725 as a tribute to St Teodora that lived for almost 40 years …

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Pilgrimages in Neamt County: from Sihastria Monastery to Sihla

Neamt County has the highest number of monasteries in the country and that’s one of the reasons for having so many possibilities for pilgrimages. The monasteries from Neamt County are also some of the oldest in Romania and they are located in places of rare natural beauty. The priests that lived here are famous in all Romania. For all these reasons pilgrims will have a special personal and spiritual experience when walking from one monastery to another.
These hikes between monasteries, that we also call pilgrimages, represent much more than just …

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Sihla Hermitage – Neamt County

Location: The hermitage Sihla is situated at 6 km from Manastirea Sihastria and is one of the famous monastic settlements from Moldavia. Here spend her life St Teodora
Address: village Vanatori, Neamt County
The Patron of the Monastery: “Nasterea Sfantului Ioan Botezatorul – The Birth of Joan the Baptist” (24 June) and “Sfanta Cuvioasa Teodora de la Sihla – The St Teodora from Sihla” (7 August)
Short history
Since the XV century many monks spend their lives here in this quiet and hidden place. However only in 1741 was built the first wooden church …