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Touristic route from Piatra Neamt to Baltatesti and Tg Neamt

3 June 2010 No Comment

route-4-piatra-neamt-baltatesti-targu-neamtPrecious material and spiritual values that are part of Romanian heritage can be found in Neamt County. Starting in Piatra Neamt, a beautiful mountain town, this touristic route will take you to Targu Neamt. Along the way you’ll be able to see museums, old monasteries, memorial houses that are part of our history and traditions. The accommodation possibilities are represented by numerous traditional guesthouses where you can stop for a traditional meal.

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Touristic Routes in Neamt County Touristic Routes in Neamt County Touristic Routes in Neamt County

route-4-peste-valeThe Touristic Complex “Peste Vale” from Piatra Neamt – The Touristic Complex “Peste Vale” is located at the base of Cernegura Mountain, on the right side of Bistrita River. These days, the entire complex offers a complete package for tourists: accommodation, sport courts, playgrounds for kids, swimming pools, beach and camping, barbeque area, etc.

route-4-almas-monasteryAlmas Monastery – Situated on the valley of the little brook Almas, from the village Garcina, at approximately 12 km north-west from Piatra Neamt, at an altitude of 510 m. The monastery has its origins in an ancient parish of monks, from the XV century led by Vasile Almas, which was from the country of Hateg. The architecture of the church is really special. Built in the shape of a cross, the church has three towers located on the east-west axis.

route-4-horaita-monasteryHoraita Monastery – The church from Horaita is unique because of its architectural style with roman-byzantine influences and also Russian ones that we can see in the number and placement of the 8 towers. The wall that separates the altar from the rest of the church was made in Vienna and it is unique in Romania and probably in the world because of the placement of the pulpit above the holy doors and because of the unusual exhibition, for the orthodox religion, of the Holy Apostles and The Profets from the Old Testament. The sculpture is a memory of the Baroque style and is made in three essences of wood: lime, par and tuia.

route-4-cuejdel-lakeCuejdel Lake – Located in the silence of the pine forest, the lake has an area of 2.2 ha and is 1 km long. The scenery is savage, under the form of a drown forest. The exquisite beauty of the place and the diversity of life make this place unique. All these things contribute to the protection of this area by law starting with 2004.

route-4-baltatesti-resortBaltatesti Resort –Baltatesti Resort is located at 34 km from Piatra Neamt and 11 km from Targu Neamt, in the center of the village Baltatesti. The natural landscape is truly beautiful and the resort it’s known for its mineral waters with a high content of salts that have therapeutic effects. Today, Baltatesti Resort has 4 hotels and can accommodate 500 tourists. The treatment base has 75 cabinets. The therapeutic indications for the waters found at Baltatesti are for: stress, diseases of the locomotor system, gynecological disease, chronic respiratory and associated disorders.

route-4-varatec-monasteryVaratec Monastery – The monastery is situated in the village Agapia, at 12 km from Targu Neamt and 40 km from Piatra Neamt in a small valley at the foot of Stanisoara Mountain, at an altitude of 460 m. The architecture of the church is a combination of the traditional Moldavian style from the XV-XVI centuries with foreign influences from the XVII-XIX centuries. The monastic complex from Varatec also includes the church “St. Joan the Baptist” from the XIX century where we can find the grave of Veronica Micle and the church “The Change of Face- of Jesus” from the XIX century.

route-4-agapia-monasteryAgapia Monastery – Located on the valley of the creek Agapia – Topolita, at the foot of Magura hill, Agapia Monastery is the only monastic settlement in the country that bears the name of “Christian love”, which comes from the Greek “agapis”. Painted by Nicolae Grigorescu, in the year 1858, the church of Agapia Monastery becomes a true architectural jewelry which combines characteristics of the byzantine style with the neoclassic style and the Romanian art. At Agapia Monastery we find an impressive museum that has a collection of medieval art and religious objects and also a library that includes books and old manuscripts. Also, in the village, we can visit the Memorial House of Alexandru Vlahuta.

route-4-padurea-de-argint“Padurea de argint” (The Silver Forest) – “Padurea de argint” (The Silver Forest) is a mixed reservation. The area is approximately 2,4 ha and it’s formed by a type of birch. Most of the forest it’s made out of old trees, over 100 years.

route-4-codrii-de-arama“Codrii de arama” (The Emerald Forest) – “Codrii de arama” (The Emerald Forest), also known as The Oak Reservation Dumbrava, covers 56,5 ha and it’s formed of old oaks with an age between 150 and 200 years. This natural reservation it’s impressive because of the look of the old oaks.

route-4-neculai-popaNeculai Popa Museum from Tarpesti – Born on 13 August 1913, Neculai Popa is an exquisite artist and a passionate collector of traditional art and folk objects. The museum was founded in the 70’ in his house. What you can see today, if you go there is one of the most interesting museums in Romania. The museum is formed by an old house and a special built place that hosts over 3000 objects, starting with Cucuteni ceramics and continuing with other art objects made out of wood and iron, coins, clothing.

route-4-memorial-house-veronica-micleMemorial House Veronica Micle – The memorial house of Veronica Micle was built in the year 1834 by the monks from Neamt Monastery and bought by her mother in 1850. The permanent exhibition of the museum is dedicated to the life and literal activity of Veronica Micle, which is, as we know, the inspiration muse of our greatest national poet Mihai Eminescu. When we leave the museum we can see the “Alley of poplars” presented in the love lyrics of the poet Mihai Eminescu.

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